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Fascinating top-notch match for darts fans around the world!
DARTSLIVE.TV will be webcasting a new match video.
This time‚ we will be distributing the Final Match between Francis Emonts and Paul Lim from

>>Please click here for viewing

http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21821.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21821.htmlWed, 19 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0900
Best Summer with MAHJONG LIVE Super Star Scramble!

Enjoy summer MAHJONG in a nice and cool shop!
“MAHJONG LIVE Star Scramble” starts from Thu Jul 20!

~What’s Super Star Scramble?~
Super Star Scramble is a survival match where players in a game compete for “Star”.
The players with the highest no. of stars will be the top of the world ranking.

Thu Jul 20 to Sun Aug 13
*Japan time

★Movie THEME of playing pandas
To be awarded to the players who can maintain their 5 stars or more till the campaign ends.
*Japanese words are used in the THEME to convey a sense of the good old days of Japan.

★Special avatar
Players who ranked TOP10 will receive an avatar that is available for limited time only.
Available period of the avatars: Mon Aug 10 to Thu Sep 14

1st to 3rd   4th to 10th
Super Star Scramble   Super Star Scramble

Good news for those who held back your tears after losing their 100 or more stars at once!
A mystery THEME will be given to you! You would be able to guess what it is!
Super Star Scramble

Who will be the top players of this tournament that draws MAHJONG players across the world!?
Visit TouchLive shop and play!

・This campaign ends on Mon Aug 10, 6:30 am JST.
・The gifts will be awarded after the completion of the campaign.

>>Click here for shops with MAHJONG LIVE!]]>
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【SUPER DARTS 2017 Complete VOD】On sale now!SUPER DARTS 2017

SUPER DARTS 2017 took place in March 2017.
The world's top hero of soft-tip darts was named there!
Relive every exciting moment of the supreme tournament that the world's darts fans enjoyed!
All the 15 final matches and unreleased footages are available on this VOD (YouTube Paid Video).
Rental version for each match is also available.
This spectacular record of 8 hours is a must-see for darts fans.

For purchase

>DARTSLIVE.TV official YouTube

*These videos are unavailable in some countries and regions due to YouTube regional restrictions]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21779.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21779.htmlWed, 12 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0900
<![CDATA[“DARTSLIVE ARENA Campaign” starting today!]]>

New content “DARTSLIVE ARENA” will be available on DARTSLIVE2 for online matches from Monday July 10.
The new campaign will start marking the release of DARTSLIVE ARENA.

Win competitive matches in DARTSLIVE ARENA and receive the limited edition DARTSLIVE CARD!!
Participants in DARTSLIVE ARENA matches enter a lucky draw every day to receive the limited edition card!

<Campaign outline>
■Campaign period
5pm on Mon Jul 10, 2017 to 3am on Mon Jul 31, 2017

■Campaign game

■Special gift
(1) Limited edition DARTSLIVE THEME

Complete the 3 missions below in DARTSLIVE ARENA and get the special THEME!
MISSION1: Win a Corking
MISSION2: Win a 701 game

The THEME can be obtained from the campaign page in the card page after completion of the missions.
>>Visit here for cork and game selection

(2) Limited edition DARTSLIVE CARD

Play matches in DARTSLIVE ARENA and get the special card
Winners of DARTSLIVE ARENA matches enter a lucky draw.
Every day during the campaign, the limited edition DARTSLIVE CARD will go to 5 lucky winners!!
Win consecutively to double or triple your odds of winning the card♪

1 win・・・1 entry
2 consecutive wins・・・2 entries
3 consecutive wins・・・3 entries

*People who play and win matches of DARTSLIVE ARENA during the campaign period (Mon Jul 10, 2017 to Mon Jul 31, 2017) will be entered into this campaign automatically.
*To be entered up to 3 times in one day
*Consecutive winning is required to increase your chance of winning. So winning 3 non-consecutive matches will be considered as 1 entry.
*Campaign winners will receive the prize without any prior announcement.

OFFICIAL PLAYER and LIVE QUEEN Appearance Schedule
7pm - 11pmMonday, July 10Kenichi AjikiMai Matsunari
Tuesday, July 11Mikuru SuzukiYuji Eguchi
Wendesday, July 12Sayaka SasakiYurie Miyazato
Thursday, July 13Mayuko MoritaShunpei Noge
Friday, July 14Haruki MuramatsuLUIZA
Saturday, July 15Paul LimAyumi Teramoto
Sunday, July 16Cathy LeungAkimi Matsuura
Monday, July 17Sho KatsumiSaya AkaneMao Karube
Saturday, July 22Harith LimNatsumi Fujimoto
Sunday, July 23Royden LamAya Sagawa
Saturday, July 29Rio SakaibashiSaki Tsukada
Sunday, July 30Rie HoshinoHaruka Tsuji
http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/campaign/entry21762.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/campaign/entry21762.htmlMon, 10 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0900

Fascinating top-notch matches for darts fans around the world!
DARTSLIVE.TV will be webcasting a new match video.
Here are the highlights from the STAGE 5 final matches of “SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN 2017”.
This annual tournament names the genuine professional darts players.

>>Please click here for viewing

http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21791.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21791.htmlWed, 05 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0900

New content “DARTSLIVE ARENA” will be available on DARTSLIVE2 for online matches from Monday July 10.

Players can casually compete in GLOBAL MATCH while they can seriously do so in DARTSLIVE ARENA.
In DARTSLIVE ARENA, not only advanced players, beginners also can enjoy the matches as auto-matching feature finds you the same level opponents!
Your peer players are waiting for you in all over the world!!


■Game rules
Play matches one on one with an automatically-selected opponent!
Points will be awarded to the winner!
Players can compete against stronger opponents when they accumulate points and reach higher GRADE.
GRADE indicates the strength of a player in matches of DARTSLIVE ARENA.

Available hours5pm - 3amAll the time
No. of opponentsSinglesSingles / Doubles
Throwing-order decisionCorkRandom
MatchingAutomatically select similar level opponentsPlayer selection
Available gamesRandom (701 or STANDARD CRICKET)Player selection

■About GRADE
Different from often-used “darts skill level”, GRADE indicates the strength of a player based on the match results of DARTSLIVE ARENA.

You earn more points from your winning and your GRADE will be higher based on the accumulated points.
However, if you lose, your points will be lower and your GRADE will drop eventually.

Depending on your opponent, no. of points reduced or increased differs.

Your initial GRADE is assigned based on your rating.
To participate, it is required that your DARTSLIVE CARD has rating.

To win your matches, give your all to not only STATS and rating but also to all of your throws!

■About matching and game
Your opponent will be selected automatically based on your GRADE.

If same GRADE opponents are unavailable, an opponent with different GRADE will be selected for you.

If your opponent's GRADE is higher, your wining points will be more and losing points will be less.
In the opposite case where your opponent's GRADE is lower, your wining points will be less and losing points will be more.

However, there will be no matching where the players' skill levels are so different.

Game is selected when your opponent is decided.
Either 701 or STANDARD CRICKET will be selected.

You can choose neither game nor opponent. So just concentrate on winning and prove your strength!

■About cork
Before starting game, a cork will be conducted to decide throwing order.
The results will be regarded as “D-BULL”, “D-BULL” or “Other”.

If it is draw, the players will throw again.
If it is draw after 3 throws, coin toss will be conducted to decide the throwing order.

It is a great advantage to throw first in a game.
Give your all to the cork to be able to throw first in the match!

Your THEME and AWARD MOVIE are unavailable in DARTSLIVE ARENA.

■About dishonest acts
Scoring with a finger press, disrupting power or network on purpose will be treated as a cheating.
We take a particularly serious view of any dishonest acts.
We will continue to provide updates for players to enjoy safe and reliable game environment.

DARTSLIVE ARENA will be constantly evolving!]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/dl/entry21712.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/dl/entry21712.htmlFri, 30 Jun 2017 17:00:00 +0900
Star Scramble Result!

The result of the highlight event is finally decided!
Announcement of the top players whose achievement astonished MAHJONG players around the world!!

1stFourth Children1321 stars
2ndアンシャンテ☆ユカリ☆954 stars
3th高光建設(株)831 stars
4thタムタム@A-1580 stars
5thテーマ下さい┏○383 stars
6th邪忌・知縁やで313 stars
7thEnchant'e yukari284 stars
8thAnson Chow212 stars
9th★ GAKU ★196 stars
10thHIDE178 stars

It is not an overstatement to call “Fourth Children”, who became the champion of all players in this competition, “one of the world's top level players”
“Star Scramble” adds little more excitement to your regular Mahjong game.
Join us again in the next “Star Scramble”!

Limited items only for the top 100 players
The players who ranked in the top 100 of “Star Scramble” will receive the items below as award:

★Reach effect
★Avatar background

The items will expire after Jul. 4!
This is a great opportunity to show your strength as a high ranking player.]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/tl/entry21760.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/tl/entry21760.htmlWed, 28 Jun 2017 17:30:00 +0900

Fascinating top-notch matches for darts fans around the world!
DARTSLIVE.TV will be webcasting a new match video.
Here are the highlights from the STAGE 4 final matches of “SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN 2017”.
This annual tournament names the genuine professional darts players.

>>Please click here for viewing

http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21754.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21754.htmlWed, 28 Jun 2017 12:00:00 +0900
【DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 SINGAPORE】Watch the Final Matches!

Watch all the final matches of DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 SINGAPORE that was held from March 31 to April 2!

Paul Lim (Singapore) vs Royden Lam (Hong Kong)

Harith Lim / Joel Ng (Singapore) vs Xan Sia / Alan Tay (Singapore)

Click here for DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 SINGAPORE official website.


Also, do not miss the final of SUPER LEAGUE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!


http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21747.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21747.htmlTue, 27 Jun 2017 15:00:00 +0900
【DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 GUANGZHOU】Details available! Now accepting entries.

Official Website for “DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 GUANGZHOU” has been released. Entries are currently open.

Find out about the Game format, entry method, prize money and more about DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 GUANGZHOU on the official website!

Friday August 11 - Sunday August 13, 2017

The Garden Hotel GUANGZHOU
Address: 368 Huanshi Dong Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China

■Entry period
Monday August 26 - Monday July 31, 2017

Players from all over the world will unite in Guangzhou for this event.
Don't miss the chance to participate!

Click here for DARTSLIVE OPEN 2017 GUANGZHOU official website.


http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21742.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21742.htmlMon, 26 Jun 2017 11:30:00 +0900

Fascinating top-notch matches for darts fans around the world!
DARTSLIVE.TV will be webcasting a new match video.
Here are the highlights from the STAGE 3 final matches of “SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN 2017”.
This annual tournament names the genuine professional darts players.

>>Please click here for viewing

http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21722.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21722.htmlWed, 21 Jun 2017 12:00:00 +0900
THE WORLD 201 STAGE 2 quick announcementTHE WORLD 2017 STAGE 2

June 18, 2017, at THE WORLD 2017 STAGE 2 FRANCE, a new champion has been born.
At the end of an intense battle, the victory went to Paul Lim (Singapore)!

Paul Lim (Singapore)

Francis Emonts (Belgium)

[BEST 4]
Bivaud Mathieu (France)
Alan Ljubic (Croatia)

>THE WORLD official Website

http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21731.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21731.htmlWed, 21 Jun 2017 11:30:00 +0900
【SUPER DARTS 2018】Jacques Labre (France) to play!
Following Keita Ono, SUPER DARTS 2017 Champion, the second participant was selected

Jacques Labre (France)

“To be honest, I was playing in a different league until now, but I switched to France Darts when I saw that this year's FRANCE DARTS INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP's CHAMPION will be invited to play in SUPER DARTS 2018.
I really wanted to go to the SUPER DARTS, so this is like a dream for me.
Right now, I still cannot believe I have done it! I will see you in Japan!”

Don't miss SUPER DARTS 2018, the tournament of the greatest players of the world!
For more about SUPER DARTS 2018, please go to our website


http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21727.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21727.htmlTue, 20 Jun 2017 17:00:00 +0900
【THE WORLD 2017】STAGE 4 JAPAN -PREMIUM- Entries Open today

We are now accepting entries for THE WORLD 2017 STAGE 4 JAPAN -PREMIUM-.

■Entry closing date Fri Aug 4 15:59 pm *Japan Local Time
*Please note that we may close the entries before the date without prior notice when all 512 spots are filled.

Click here for THE WORLD website.


http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21697.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21697.htmlMon, 19 Jun 2017 16:00:00 +0900
【Part 2】2017 DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER announced!

2017 DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL PLAYER has been announced.
For more information, please visit our official website.


http://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21707.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/au/event/entry21707.htmlFri, 16 Jun 2017 17:00:00 +0900