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AMERICA'S TOUR STAGE 2 Wisconsin was held at Badger Bowl from August 2nd to 4th.
Total of 112 players gathered to join this weekend of darts. Below are the recaps from each day and some of the photos from the weekend;

■August 2nd: SHOOT OUT Round
Winner: Gordon Dixon

■August 3rd: AMERICA'S TOUR STAGE 2 Tournament Round
Winner: Larry Butler
Runner-Up: Ray Carver

■House Tournament by Modern Specialty
▼Doubles - ʺAʺ
Winner: Larry Butler / Danny Delfino
Runner-Up: Scott Miller / Scott Kirchner

▼Doubles - ʺBʺ
Winner: Tracie Olson / Kin Schnell
Runner-Up:Aaron Daase / Mick Qeer

STAGE 2 article photo.JPG

We'd like to specially thank Modern Specialty and Badger Bowl for their great support during the whole event.
Without your support, this event couldn't happened., we truly appreciate all of your cooperation.

Result information and the updated Point Ranking are also available on the official website of AMERICA'S TOUR.
STAGE 3 Virginia will be held at RJ's Sports Pub from October 18th to 20th. The entry will open very soon. More information will be available at the official website of AMERICA'S TOUR.
>> Click here for AMERICA'S TOUR Official Website

More photos from STAGE 2 are also available on the Facebook page of AMERICA'S TOUR.
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