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Fascinating top-notch match for darts fans around the world!
DARTSLIVE.TV will be webcasting a new match video.
This time‚ we will be distributing a Match between Leonard Gates VS Seigo Asada from

>>Please click here for viewing

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<![CDATA[Your favorite “ONE BULL” to liven up the game!!]]> Your BULL rate will jump with your favorite award movie!!

Chemical formula 50 Coins (40 Coins for PREMIUM members)

Cube 50 Coins (40 Coins for PREMIUM members)

Ignite 50 Coins (40 Coins for PREMIUM members)

■How to purchase
Go to Award Movie Menu and purchase the Award Movies
Card Page > Award Movie > Purchase


More new Award Movies to come!
The original Award Movies will get you ahead of your rivals!]]>
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<![CDATA[The key to victory is to hit at least one BULL a round! “ONE BULL” Award Movie coming to DARTSLIVE2!]]>

The new Award Movie “ONE BULL” will be available on Mon Oct 16.

■Requirements:If your points are 99 or lower after hitting 1 BULL in a round on DARTSLIVE2, the new Award Movie will play automatically on DARTSLIVE2.
■Availability:01 games and COUNT-UP
*Not available for the games in OFFICIAL events such as JAPAN, THE WORLD and LEAGUE.

*This Award Movie automatically begins playing.
*The movie can be disabled using “ON/OFF” in the settings: 【Card Page > Award Movie > My Award Movie】


If it is so hard to achieve “LOW TON”, practice harder to have the new Award Movie “ONE BULL”!!]]>
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SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017 Website Launched!

SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017 Website Launched!
SOFT DARTS WORLD CUP 2017 will be held in Hong Kong on Saturday 2 December.

The national team of each country will compete for their nation's pride in this tournament to earn the title of “No. 1 Soft-Tip Darts Country”.
Surviving this competition will require not only individual strength, but also team strength.


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<![CDATA[“DARTS OF THE DEAD” Campaign Stats Today!]]>

The new game, “DARTS OF THE DEAD” will be available on DARTSLIVE2 on Oct 2.
To mark the release, the campaign using this game will take place.

“DARTS OF THE DEAD” is a party game in which you beat zombies with your friends.
Have fun with your friends and get a limited edition DARTSLIVE THEME♪

【Mayuko Morita and Cathy Leung faced zombies!】
Did they beat the zombies?

<Campaign detail>
Mon Oct 2 to Tue Oct 31, 2017


(1) Limited edition Picture THEME
Requirement: Play the game with 5 players or more

(2) Limited edition Movie THEME
Requirement: Play the game with 10 players or more

*Only the games played between members (Premium Member, Standard Member, and Trial Member) are considered.
*All information provided for this campaign is subject to change.
*Any fraudulent behavior will render points and rewards earned null and void.

<Examples of fraudulent behaviors>
·Use of multiple cards
·One player plays with multiple cards.
·Finger play
*Any other unjust behaviors, or that the establishment has considered as fraudulent may render points and rewards earned by the player null and void.]]>
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<![CDATA[New DARTSLIVE2 game “DARTS OF THE DEAD” to be released on Mon Oct 2]]>

A new game “DARTS OF THE DEAD” will be available on DARTSLIVE2 from Mon Oct 2.


■Rules of the game
Reduce the hit points (HP) of enemy zombies on the screen to 0 or less and complete the levels with your team member(s)!

・The “LIFE” on the screen corresponds to the lives of your team.
・If the HP of the enemy did not go below 0 after one attack of each member of your team, the team lose one life.
・Your team will gain one life back if your team reduces enemy HP to exactly “0”.
・The game ends when your team has no life.
*The maximum number of team lives is 4. The number of starting lives is calculated based on the average rating of your team.


<Mission Stages in the game>
If your team hits all enemy areas (GREEN) at Mission Stages, your team will get one life back.
If your team hits your own area (RED), Mission Stage will end.
*Even if your team hits your area, your team will not lose any life.


・Players of all levels can enjoy the game together!
There are 3 levels of difficulty: “Easy”, “Medium” and “Hard”. Also, the strength of your enemies (number of HP) varies according to the average rating of your team. Beginners and skilled players can enjoy the game together in a team.
・Finish the game using “Continue”!
“DARTS OF THE DEAD” has a “Continue” function. Even in case of Game Over, you can continue and try to finish the game.
·Get ranked No.1!
“DARTS OF THE DEAD” has its player rankings. Get an excellent score, and listed higher in the rankings!

<Type of points>
(1) Clear Point: Points awarded after completion of each stage
(2) Cush Point: Points awarded for decreasing the HP of enemies
(3) Life Bonus: Points awarded after reducing the enemy's HP to exactly 0.
(4) Mission Bonus: Points awarded after completion of each Mission Stage

【Mayuko Morita and Cathy Leung faced zombies!】
Did they beat the zombies?
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【Notice】Change of Point Requirement for LOW TONStarting on Monday September 4, the points required for the DARTSLIVE2 Award of “LOW TON” will change as below:

◆New requirement: 100 to 150 points
◆Current requirement: 101 to 150 points
*Points per round

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New content “DARTSLIVE ARENA” will be available on DARTSLIVE2 for online matches from Monday July 10.

Players can casually compete in GLOBAL MATCH while they can seriously do so in DARTSLIVE ARENA.
In DARTSLIVE ARENA, not only advanced players, beginners also can enjoy the matches as auto-matching feature finds you the same level opponents!
Your peer players are waiting for you in all over the world!!


■Game rules
Play matches one on one with an automatically-selected opponent!
Points will be awarded to the winner!
Players can compete against stronger opponents when they accumulate points and reach higher GRADE.
GRADE indicates the strength of a player in matches of DARTSLIVE ARENA.

Available hours7pm-5amAll the time
No. of opponentsSinglesSingles / Doubles
Throwing-order decisionCorkRandom
MatchingAutomatically select similar level opponentsPlayer selection
Available gamesRandom (701 or STANDARD CRICKET)Player selection

■About GRADE
Different from often-used “darts skill level”, GRADE indicates the strength of a player based on the match results of DARTSLIVE ARENA.

You earn more points from your winning and your GRADE will be higher based on the accumulated points.
However, if you lose, your points will be lower and your GRADE will drop eventually.

Depending on your opponent, no. of points reduced or increased differs.

Your initial GRADE is assigned based on your rating.
To participate, it is required that your DARTSLIVE CARD has rating.

To win your matches, give your all to not only STATS and rating but also to all of your throws!

■About matching and game
Your opponent will be selected automatically based on your GRADE.

If same GRADE opponents are unavailable, an opponent with different GRADE will be selected for you.

If your opponent's GRADE is higher, your wining points will be more and losing points will be less.
In the opposite case where your opponent's GRADE is lower, your wining points will be less and losing points will be more.

However, there will be no matching where the players' skill levels are so different.

Game is selected when your opponent is decided.
Either 701 or STANDARD CRICKET will be selected.

You can choose neither game nor opponent. So just concentrate on winning and prove your strength!

■About cork
Before starting game, a cork will be conducted to decide throwing order.
The results will be regarded as “D-BULL”, “D-BULL” or “Other”.

If it is draw, the players will throw again.
If it is draw after 3 throws, coin toss will be conducted to decide the throwing order.

It is a great advantage to throw first in a game.
Give your all to the cork to be able to throw first in the match!

Your THEME and AWARD MOVIE are unavailable in DARTSLIVE ARENA.

■About dishonest acts
Scoring with a finger press, disrupting power or network on purpose will be treated as a cheating.
We take a particularly serious view of any dishonest acts.
We will continue to provide updates for players to enjoy safe and reliable game environment.

DARTSLIVE ARENA will be constantly evolving!]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry22190.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry22190.htmlFri, 30 Jun 2017 17:00:00 +0900
【THE WORLD 2016 GRAND FINAL】available on VOD from today

THE WORLD 2016 GRAND FINAL is available on video-on-demand (VOD) *via YouTube's rental and purchase options.
Get the full experience of the big tournament with USD 50,000 cash prize that decides the world's strongest darts player.

◆VOD release date: Fri May 12
・Purchase option: All matches included
・Rental: per match
・Purchase and rental: on YouTube DARTSLIVE.TV
*This VOD is paid content of DARTSLIVE.TV on YouTube.

Some shops have the “THE WORLD 2016 GRAND FINAL” DVD.]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/event/entry21564.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/event/entry21564.htmlFri, 12 May 2017 12:00:00 +0900
<![CDATA[【From Aug. 1 (Mon)!】“THEME copy” will bring more fun in matches♪]]>

Have you ever felt that you want the THEME of your opponent during a match on DARTSLIVE2?
If so‚ we have got good news for you! THEME copy will be avilable from Aug. 1 (Mon)♪

What’s THEME copy?
When you play a match against a player who is setting any copyable THEME‚ you can get the copy after one match against the opponent.

Whopping over 1,500 types of copiable THEMES
Not only the game itself‚ you can also enjoy collecting THEMES♪
If you have many THEMES‚ you may become a player in high demand at the shop!?
If you don’t have many‚ just invite other players to have a game with you. You will have more THEME and more darts friends.

From next month‚ not only the copy feature but also a new campaign‚ “THE 9 THEMES” will start to add more fun to THEME.
Wait for further announcement♪

・THEMES acquired before and after Aug.1 will be copiable unless indicated as “not copiable”.
・Some THEMES are not copiable.
・THEMES are available for purchase with DARTSLIVE Coin.
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry20050.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry20050.htmlThu, 14 Jul 2016 17:00:00 +0900
<![CDATA[Starting Today! Get THEME with “DARTSLIVE Coin”♪]]>

“DARTSLIVE Coin” is starting today!

DARTSLIVE THEME can be obtained with the virtual currency “DARTSLIVE Coin”♪
Purchase is available from “THEME MENU” that can be entered by tapping the "THEME" button on the top of the member page for PCs and smartphones.

●Get Bonus Coins♪
Keep using “DARTSLIVE Coin” as the coins can be obtained as a bonus by just logging in to the member page or playing with DARTSLIVE CARD!

●More new THEMES are coming!
The long-waited first one is the App THEME “LIVE STATS”.
Your stats will appear right after each throw on this special THEME!
Experience it for free using the free trial version♪

Starting today‚ THEMES that your “FRIEND” sets as favorite is available for purchase!

*You can be “FRIEND” after playing darts together using DARTSLIVE CARD and App.
THEME information will be posted on the DARTSLIVE official website.
Don’t miss it!

*If the screen for the personal data setting reappears even after entering all necessary data‚ please try the step below to fix the problem.

<For iPhone users>
Logout from the APP and login the APP again
<For android users>
“Settings ⇒ Data management ⇒ Cookie removal”

*“DARTSLIVE Coin” is available via the App for PCs and smartphones.]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16746.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16746.htmlThu, 13 Nov 2014 11:00:15 +0900
DARTSLIVE2 finally landed in New Zealand!

DARTSLIVE2 finally landed in New Zealand! GAME ON!]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16130.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16130.htmlThu, 13 Nov 2014 11:00:10 +0900
New Genre App will be available on Today! App THEME has a special function for each throw to be reflected on the game screen.

App Theme

●Upgrade Your Darts Skill with “LIVE STATS”!!
The first App THEME “LIVE STATS” is perfect for the darts players who want to play better!
This THEME is available for 01 and CRICKET games.
STATS‚ Flight and Rating will appear immediately after each throw on the game screen.
This THEME is especially recommended when you practice alone.

●Try Free Version of “LIVE STATS”!!
To mark the birth of “DARTSLIVE Coin*”‚ we are giving away a free trial version of this App THEME‚ “LIVE STATS” for a limited time! No. of uses is limited in the trial version.
Of course‚ “LIVE STATS” can be purchased with DARTSLIVE Coin and used as much as you like!
*Virtual currency for DARTSLIVE members only

●More THEMES are coming!
New designs will keep coming from not only new genre App THEME‚ but also MOVIE and Picture THEMES!!
*THEME names will change.

Don’t miss the new DARTSLIVE THEME!]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16784.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16784.htmlThu, 13 Nov 2014 11:00:05 +0900
<![CDATA[“DARTSLIVE Coin” starts from Today!]]>

“DARTSLIVE Coin” expands your THEME world!!
Virtual coins for DARTSLIVE members‚ “DARTSLIVE Coin” will be available on today.

■You can purchase THEME that you admire or your Friend loves!!
THEME can be purchased from your smartphone and PC using DARTSLIVE Coin.
You can purchase favorite THEMES that your Friends are using!
*After a MATCH‚ your opponent will be your Friend in DARTSLIVE app.
*Some THEMES such as campaign THEMES are not available for purchase.

■The more you play‚ the more you accumulate “DARTSLIVE Coin”
Opportunity is once in a day!!

«Earn more Coins with login»
Receive login bonus in app!
Get bonus coin by simply login to the member page from your PC or smartphone DARTSLIVE app!
*Randomly 1 to 6 Coin(s) will be awarded per login a day.
Regular member : Maximum 2 Coins
PREMIUM member : Maximum 6 Coins

«Earn by playing»
Get bonus coin by simply play with DARTSLIVE!
*Randomly 2 to 14 Coins will be awarded per play a day.
Regular member : Maximum 3 Coins
PREMIUM member : Maximum 14 Coins

New genre THEMES will be available from today! More information coming soon! Don’t miss it!]]>
http://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16745.htmlhttp://www.dartslive.com/news/nz/dl/entry16745.htmlThu, 13 Nov 2014 11:00:00 +0900