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MAINTENANCE INFORMATION DARTSLIVE conducts non-periodic maintenance at the following times.
Please note that you will not be able to use the card page during maintenance.
From 04:30am for 10 to 30 minutes.



A. You can transfer your card data on a new card in cases you lost your card by going to【Settings】and then to 【CARD ID (Transfer of card data)】on the card page.

  • *The data transfer is not available to a card you already played with.
  • *The original card will be invalid after the transfer of its data.

Q. How can I register my player name to the IC card?

A. You can register it on TouchLive or the Card page.
For the registration on the Card page, 【Settings】⇒【Card name】

Q. Can I integrate data from two cards onto one card?

A. You cannot integrate data from two cards or more.

Q. Can I delete part or all of data in my card?

A. You cannot delete or reset your card data.


Q. I changed the name of my card. However, it is not reflected on the machine and the old name is displayed on game screen.,

A. After changing your card name, play one game on a machine connected to the network. Then, a new name will be displayed.


Q. What can I do in my card page?

A. You can view your play data via your personal computer and smart phone. You can also check where your friends are playing darts and add a message to the Award for your play screen.

Q. What do I need to do to use the card page for the first time?

A. New membership registration is required.⇒Register a New Card
* 30-day "Free Trial Period" begins when you register a new card and you can use all DARTSLIVE Card Page features and functions for FREE.

Q. My free trial period has ended and I cannot use some of the card page functions. What do I need to do to continue using all the functions?

A.  You need to register as a "Premium Member" to continue using all card page features and functions after the trial period. Please click here to see Premium Member registration procedures provided in the "About Premium Member Registration" section.

Q. Can I use DARTSLIVE CARD that isn't registered as the member?

A. Yes, you can use it for game play even though you are not a member.
A non-member can view some of the data on the DARTSLIVE and Touchlive machines.
Even if you register as a member later, you can still view the past data even before the registration date.

Q. Can I view the card page before registering DARTSLIVE CARD?

A. No, you cannot view the card page without the registration.

Q. I have several DARTSLIVE Cards. Do I need a separate registration for each card?

A. Yes, a separate registration is required for each card.
When you register as a Premium Member, you can assign up to 3 DARTSLIVE Cards to that membership account.
【How to Add DARTSLIVE Card to Your Account】
Log in to the card page associated with your Premium Member's account and select "Card Registration" in the "Account Settings" page.

Q. I want to cancel my Premium Member registration.

A. Log in to your card page and select "Member Settings" in the "Account Settings" page.
Cancellation procedures for the payment method currently used will be displayed. Follow the instructions given on the monitor screen to complete your membership cancellation.

Q. I forgot my PIN number.

A. "Forgot your PIN number?" is on the login page.
Enter the CARD ID of your DARTSLIVE CARD.
The PIN number will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

Q. I asked for my PIN number using [Remember PIN Number], but haven't received a reply.

A. You may have registered an incorrect e-mail address.

* Your PIN number can only be sent to your registered e-mail address via [Remember PIN Number] automatic reply function.
Please note that without a correct PIN number, you cannot transfer your card data to an unused card.


Q. Which games influence STATS and RATING calculation?

A. Match performance records from 01 GAME and STANDARD CRICKET played against other player(s) are used for STATS and RATING calculations.

Q. How the STATS are calculated when options such as DOUBLE-IN-DOUBLE OUT, NO BULL'S EYE/SEPARATE BULL'S EYE are set?

A. Game results are not reflected in STATS when IN-OUT OPTION and BULL OPTION are set.

Q. Does the average of STATS represent all game records average?

A. It is the average of records where majority of weight is placed on the most recent 30 games.

Q. How the STATS are calculated in DOUBLES game?

A. In DOUBLES, the records only from your rounds are counted.


Q. I want to use the original card from which data was copied.

A. You cannot use the original card.

Q. I can't copy my card data.

A. You can copy data only onto a new unused card.

  1. Prepare an unused card.
  2. On the card page, 【Settings】⇒【Card ID(Card data transfer)】
  3. Enter the PIN Number of the original card and the Card ID of the unused card.

Q. I want to delete card data.

A. You cannot initialize or delete card data.

Q. I want to integrate the data from several cards.

A. You cannot integrate card data.

Q. My rating has not changed. Why?

A. Even if the rating variance from the day before is 0, the third decimal place or below may vary.

Q. My STATS is higher than my friend's one, but my RATING is lower than his/her RATING. Why?

A. DARTSLIVE employs a calculation method for STATS where a weight is placed on the latest results (latest 30 games) based on our specifications. Therefore, even when you have higher STATS for CRICKET and 01 Game than others, your RATING may be lower.

Q. How does DARTSLIVE calculate STATS and RATING?

A. We calculate RATING in such a way that a weight is placed on the latest results (30 games) based on our specifications. We cannot answer the calculation method for STATS as it is not publicized information.

Q. Which games influence the RATING calculation?

A. Match performance records from 01 GAME and STANDARD CRICKET played against other players influence the STATS and RATING.

One-Player game will not influence the RATING.

Q. 01 STATS will not change.

A. In the 01 GAME, STATS data are not reflected when the IN-OUT OPTION and BULL OPTION are set.

Q. My play results have not been reflected. Why?

A. Play results may not have been reflected due to a network failure. DO NOT turn off the machine as the data will be sent when the network is recovered.
Contact the DARTSLIVE shop if data are not reflected.

Q. I forgot my PIN number.

A. We send your PIN number via an automatic reply to your registered e-mail address. We cannot give it by answering your inquiry. You can check your PIN number at "Forgot your PIN number" 

Q. I am playing DARTSLIVE, but MY AWARD doesn't appear on the game monitor screen.

A. You need to register as a Premium Member to display your MY AWARD.
Please click here to see Premium Member registration procedures provided in the "About Premium Member Registration" section.


Q. What is Hello! ?

A. Hello! is a communication feature for DARTSLIVE FRIENDS in DARTSLIVE app.


A. You can be a DARTSLIVE FRIEND by playing a match inserting your DARTSLIVE CARD.
After installing the DARTSLIVE app, please follow the process below:

  1. DARTSLIVE CARD Registration
    Please log in to the DARTSLIVE app after the membership registration of your DARTSLIVE CARD (fee-based service) on the DARTSLIVE website.
  2. Acceptance of terms and conditions
    Please accept the terms and conditions for the first utiization of the app and after their revision.
  3. Match on DARTSLIVE
    Play matches with the players with their DARTSLIVE CARD that is registered to the DARTSLIVE app.

Q. How long can I keep an incoming Hello!?

A. Hello! can be viewed for 30 days after its reception.
Hello! will be erased after the period.
※If you remove the entire app, all the Hello!s will be erased.

Q. Is group talk available?

A. Group talk is not available.
We are currently considering the addition of the feature.

Q. Is voice call available?

A. Voice call is not available.

Q. Can I add stickers?

A. Addition of stickers is not available.
We are currently considering the addition of the feature.

Q. My Hello! is not received…

A. Possible causes are: The app is removed or not opened, or you are not logged in.

Q. Can I stop the push notification?

A. Go to Settings >Push notifications
Turn the notification settings off.

Q. Can Facebook or Twitter account be connected?

A. Connections to external services may be limited depending on your area and communication environment.
Please make sure the condition in advance.

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