Haruki MuramatsuHaruki Muramatsu



JAPAN 2016 STAGE 5,14 / Winner

JAPAN 2016 STAGE 5,14 / Winner



Haruki Muramatsu



Date Of Birth

15 Apr 1977





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    15 years

    Rt. 18
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1240 pt


  • ●JAPAN 2016 STAGE 5,14 / Winner
  • ●SUPER DARTS 2011 / 2nd


“Since DARTSLIVE first invited me in 2011 to participate in SUPER DARTS, tournaments became very important to me.” Haruki Muramatsu is busy participating in large tournaments in Japan and abroad, exciting dart fans all over the world. He has been motivated to win championship in SUPER DARTS.

The finals made him aware and open his eyes.

Haruki Muramatsu, who has won numerous large tournaments, has never won in SUPER DARTS. He lost to Laurence Ilagan in his first game two years ago. We wonder if there have been significant changes since.
“There are no significant changes in my thoughts or goals about darts, but I do have the desire to win on this big stage, which has become larger than before. I watched the final match in 2015 and I was impressed by Paul Lim’s perfect plays. Rather than regretting losing after the first game, I think that it would be pleasant to win the way Paul Lim played.” In the finals of SUPER DARTS 2015, Lim played perfect bulls and three consecutive nine marks. He played like a god and won. That game was so epic, it shocked Muramatsu, who has seen multiple competitions around the world.

He hopes to reverse the unfavorable situation he experienced to become even better.

He is motivated to win his first SUPER DARTS Championship. Before the tournament, he seems that he increased his amout of practice. “I practice everyday so this is not unusal, however, I have started practicing even more than usual for SUPER DARTS. I cannot wait for the tournament. It cannot come any sooner." He has not forgotten to thank his fans for getting him to this stage. “In order to live up to my supporters’expectations, I will do my best to play better than usual. I am hoping for a great comeback, which you may also relate as being my hobby (laughs). Everyone, please enjoy the tournament!”

Even under pressure, he continues to show his witty nature, which is charming.


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