Howei TsaiHowei Tsai



THE WORLD 2016 STAGE5 / 2nd

THE WORLD 2016 STAGE5 / 2nd



Howei Tsai



Date Of Birth

21 May 1993





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    7 years

    Rt. 18
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1210 pt


  • ●THE WORLD 2016 STAGE5 / 2nd
  • ●THE WORLD 2016 Annual Ranking / 12th


“When I was just starting out playing darts, I watched SUPER DARTS and thought for a long time that I want to play on that stage. Now that that wish has come true, I just need to fight with all my might.”
So says, Howei Tsai a player who has reached Stage 5 of THE WORLD 2016.

A future star player born in Taiwan.

In just several years, Taiwan’s darts population has grown. It is here that a star, who carries the weight of the darts world is thrust upon us.
“Taiwan’s soft darts world has truly grown. There are more and more people who have grown to love darts, and many who have become true athletes. I believe that there will be even more Taiwanese players who can play internationally in the near future.”
Is what the 17 year old Tsai said when he first started out in darts, who after in just a short time has arisen to this great stage.
“Right now I’m feeling a mixture of nerves and happiness, it’s a very different feeling. I’m finally able to play on this stage of dreams, especially since I’ve been watching SUPER DARTS from when I first started playing darts. Of course I’m feeling the pressure of being the representative of Taiwan. However, that is something I wish to conquer in order to grow. On the day of the tournament, I will thrust aside everything so I can focus on the game.”

Soft Darts has made huge changes to my life.

“Thanks to darts, I have broadened my horizons; I’ve made many international friends, and people all over the world have welcomed me. I’m so grateful.”
Soft darts has brought a huge change to Tsai’s life by allowing him to truly enjoy something that reaches the ends of the world.
“Because of my love of darts, I’ve had to sacrifice my free time in order to focus on training. Compared to other young men, I may not have a lot of free time but, because of darts I am able to open my own path to follow.”
This is why Tsai is so strong in large tournaments, because he gives his all to darts.
“In every match there is a winner and a loser. No matter who aims to win, there can only be one. That is what it means to be a champion. I may not have a lot of experience, but I wish to play at my peak in this tournament. I hope the whole world can see the appeal of Taiwan because of it.”


Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Akasaka BLITZ