Scott KirchnerScott Kirchner



SUPER DARTS 2013 / Winner

SUPER DARTS 2013 / Winner



Scott Kirchner



Date Of Birth

27 Aug 1969





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    28 years

    Rt. 17
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1210 pt


  • ●SUPER DARTS 2013 / Winner



L-style / Flight-L Scott Kirchner Model Astra Shape White


“I cannot express my gratitude to my fans enough. It is the greatest honor to have been chosen.”
These were the words of left from the American Representative, veteran player Scott Kirshner after winning SUPER DARTS 2013.

The weapon of a Veteran.

“I still can’t believe it’s been 4 years since that win. To me, that victory is still the greatest honor and remains as my most cherished memory. Recalling that day still gives me goose bumps. It truly was a wonderful tournament.”
So, says the reminiscing Kirchner. His strength comes from his unwavering mental readiness, and wealth of experience.
“There are no other players who have the same level of mental readiness as me. This time even though I’m the only American player I don’t feel the pressure at all. With my many years of experience playing darts, I am confident that I am prepared.”

For this Tournament, Kirchner has not brought anything special.
“I have not made any special preparations for SUPER DARTS. I know how to make a match go the way I want it to, I always have a plan and put everything into making it happen.”

The importance of Pressure Control.

Kirchner explains how to control pressure.
“I know the pressure is just in your head. But, if you can control that pressure you will definitely win. Anyone can throw darts well, but when you’re under pressure and you need that one out to win, can you? It is of the utmost importance to have pressure under control to raise your dart skills.”

With his mental readiness, wealth of experience, Scott will once again become the world’s greatest! However, there is one obstacle that could hold him back.
“About 1 year ago I had surgery on my knee and it’s been very difficult to get use to it. Everyday it is healing, and I think it will completely healed by SUPER DARTS.”
We hope for the best and wish to see the strength you showed us again on the stage of dreams!


Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Akasaka BLITZ