Shunpei NogeShunpei Noge



JAPAN 2016 STAGE 4,7,8 / Winner

JAPAN 2016 STAGE 4,7,8 / Winner



Shunpei Noge



Date Of Birth

17 Dec 1987





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    11 years

    Rt. 17
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1200 pt


  • ●JAPAN 2016 STAGE 4,7,8 / Winner
  • ●SUPER DARTS 2015 / 3rd


In SUPER DARTS 2015, there is no doubt that the player that fired up Japanese fans the most was no other than Shunpei Noge. It was unfortunate that he lost in the semifinals but his outstanding play against top world players left a deep impression on the fans.

The regret left behind in SUPER DARTS 2015.

“I had sustained injuries and was unable to throw darts for a period of time. It’s no use to say this now but had I not been injured, I think I would have been able to throw more confidently. That one dart would have made it in! My performance was so frustrating to myself that even now that one scene continues to play in my head. This mistake made me realize how important it is for professional players to take care of their physical condition.”

This is how Shunpei Noge reminisces on SUPER DARTS 2015. It was an exciting semifinals match for the fans, but for himself, the semifinals were nothing other than frustration and regret. Two years have passed since the last SUPER DARTS, we ask Shunpei Noge if there has there been any big changes.
“There are some changes everyday but the basic fundamentals have not changed. My strong desire to become number one has remained unchanged from two years ago.”

The sound of cheering fans pushes him to advance

“That stage is a place where only the chosen can stand on. It is my honor to be able to stand on that stage for a second time. My playing style is to focusing only on winning only. I throw my darts with the intention of winning.”

Shunpei Noge explains the driving force behind his determination to win
“I want to respond to the fans that cheer me on by performing my utmost best to meet their expectations. This answer may seem like an honor student’s answer but doing so is very important to me. For my fans, I will do my best this time as well. I don’t want to feel frustration and regret anymore.”
The moment we hear the enthusiastic fans cheering in the venue is when Shunpei Noge opens the curtains to SUPER DARTS 2017.


Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Akasaka BLITZ