Takehiro SuzukiTakehiro Suzuki



JAPAN 2016 STAGE 6,11 / Winner

JAPAN 2016 STAGE 6,11 / Winner



Takehiro Suzuki



Date Of Birth

27 Nov 1981





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    9 years

    Rt. 16
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1210 pt


  • ●JAPAN 2016 STAGE 6,11 / Winner
  • ●SUPER DARTS 2010 / 2nd


“I am the type who is able to overcome with high energy and vigor. I also can be too aggressive causing myself to miss and self destruct. I’m a very emotional player, so spectators and even I can’t relax while watching my matches.” Takehiro Suzuki says about himself. He is the only player who has continuously participated since 2009.

This is Suzuki’s guide on pressure.

“Everytime I return to SUPER DARTS, I feel nervousness build up within. Honestly, I think I cannot win the championship for a while.” If you read between the lines of this pessimistic comment, is in fact, Suzuki’s hidden strategy. “Of course, as long as you think you can win, you feel pressure. I forgot who said this, but when I heard it, it was very useful to me. So, if you think that you cannot win, you will not feel crushed by the pressure of trying to win (laughs).” As a matter of fact, last time he played,he was overwhelmed so much by pressure that it seemed as if he lost himself, causing him to be eliminated. “I was so nervous that I became very restless and was unable to make even 1% of my own play.” It will be interesting to see how far his efforts with his unique method to handling pressure will take him.

On always competing on the dream stage.

Suzuki constantly has on his mind wanting give his spectators a match they can enjoy. That feeling naturally flows into SUPER DARTS.
“The players who stand on this stage are wonderful, strong players. Honestly, I feel pretty insufficent, however for all the fans who voted for me, I want to do my best. If fans who watch me play can enjoy themselves, I would be very happy.”
Again, looking back on the dream stage, he leaves us with the following.
“As far as entertainment is concerned, the production is looking better, and the world’s star players all gather.
SUPER DARTS is steadily evolving. If there was anything I regret, it’s a bit scary that I have to feel like I have to partcipate everytime.”


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