Yuji EguchiYuji Eguchi

王座奪還を誓う出場数最多のMr. SUPER DARTS

王座奪還を誓う出場数最多のMr. SUPER DARTS

THE WORLD 2016 Annual Ranking / 6th

THE WORLD 2016 Annual Ranking / 6th



Yuji Eguchi



Date Of Birth

11 Dec 1982





Dominant Hand


Dominant Eye




  • Darts Career

    14 years

    Rt. 17
  • Highest in COUNT-UP

    1248 pt


  • ●THE WORLD 2016 Annual Ranking / 6th
  • ●SUPER DARTS 2007 / Winner


The First King of the SUPER DARTS Tournament, Yuji Eguchi often refers to himself as “Mr. SUPER DARTS” This year marks the 10th anniversary of the critical tournament in his career; the First King of the SUPER DARTS tournament will stand on the grand stage for a second time. Many fans are expecting a dramatic win.

A new challenge for the First King is here.

“It has been 10 years since I won SUPER DARTS 2007. At that time, I didn’t think that SUPER DARTS would become a tournament to decide who the world number 1 is. To see that it has become such a tournament, I am proud to say that I was able to particpate in it.
According to Eguchi, SUPER DARTS had a large impact on his life. Now, the First King has become the challenger. Are there any special feelings towards this tournament?
“The feelings from that moment when I won haven’t faded, rather, it has been scorched into my mind. However, I don’t really like to look back on the past. As I look forward to my next victory, I want to find new ways to prepare myself.”

He does not feel like he can lose.

As the player with the most appearances in the tournament, Eguchi discussess how the tournament has evolved.
“Each time I have appeared, I feel that the production has gotten more extravagant. I also strongly feel that the entertainment aspect of the tournament is getting bigger and bigger. I think it has become a tournament that the world regards with the most prominence. I would be very happy to see more people become more fascinated by darts.”
With that outlook, Eguchi speaks on the feelings of getting stronger and wanting to win.
“Even if my opponent is a world-class player, I feel that my will to win is strong. I want to show every one that I will do my best with every throw.”
For Eguchi, he wants to ensure that he takes this new motivation and excitement and carve it into his mind.


Mar 15 - 16, 2018 Akasaka BLITZ