Your Road to Glory


DARTSLIVE USA is very excited to announce, that we will be hosting the 2015 AMERICA'S TOUR. AMERICA'S TOUR is a promotional event to give everyone a chance at notoriety through competitive play, with five different stages throughout North America! The ultimate goal of this tour is to provide events where players have a chance to be recognized in North America & the global darts industry, to truly create a new and exciting atmosphere surrounding soft-tip darts.

Have you ever asked yourself or your friends why there are never any big tournaments for lower rated players? Well, we did the same thing. This year we are introducing TWO ADDITIONAL DIVISIONS to AMERICA'S TOUR. Is your rating between 6 and 10? You can play in DIVISION I. Or between 1 and 5? How about DIVISION II for you! No excuses. Come on out and play. Cash and prizes for these divisions. This is a great event to showcase players at all skill levels.

DARTSLIVE USA looks forward to producing events that will attract new players, recognize hidden local talent, to develop new fans and to bolster the soft-tip darts industry in North America. Through professionally produced events, social media promotions, marketing and a dedicated AMERICA'S TOUR website, we look forward to writing a new chapter into the history books of North American darts.

We want AMERICA'S TOUR to showcase soft-tip darts by creating a story and documenting the players "Road to Glory."

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