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Now, DARTSLIVE Renewal & Updates are set to start.
Let us introduce the two new features, "GLOBAL MATCH" & "SIMPLE MENU" that are released on 3rd September (Mon).
Play against players all around the world!
Globalmatch You can see the area where your opponents are located in the player selection screen. Play games with people in other countries to expand your horizons of darts!

Doubles and Handicap features are now available!
Globalmatch_db Doubles match has now become available. New auto-handicap match function enables you to challenge players of different levels!

Use the stamp to express yourself!
Globalmatch_re.jpg Press the yellow button while the Game Results Screen is displayed after the game. You can use four types of stamps to express your feelings to the opponent. This Stamp is a global communication tool!

◎"GLOBAL MATCH" is available all time!
The Online Match has evolved from "DARTSLIVE ARENA" to "GLOBAL MATCH" and it
is available for play at all times.
(Please note "GLOBAL MATCH" will be unavailable during the server maintenance time)

* GRADE system is discontinued along with the termination of "DARTSLIVE ARENA".
Start playing the popular games straight away! Simple display to select the number of players!
200ENG_SIMPLEMENU_top.jpg   200ENG_SIMPLEMENU_player.jpg
You no longer need to move the cursor around. You can directly select the game of your choice.   The new display enables you to easily select the number of game participants.

◎For players who want to play other games
Press the red button down for 2 seconds while the "Simple Menu" is displayed to switch the menu to "FULL MENU".

The service renewals & updates start from this very day!
Let's go to the shops and check out the new games & functions!

Please click here to see the Renewals & Updates coming after 18th September (Mon)!

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