Tournament rules

Match Rules

  1. 1.Round limits for all games played will be 20 rounds.
    1. If there is no winner in 01, the player or team with the lowest score will be deemed the winner.
    2. If there is no winner in Cricket, the player or team with the highest score will be deemed the winner.
    3. If there is a tie in points in either, then the winner will be determined by the highest score with a single dart.
  2. 2.Throwing order of the game
    1. Throwing order will be decided by corking.
    2. The coin toss function of the DARTSLIVE2 machine will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
    3. The player who throws closer to the center can decide the throwing order.
    4. If the first player's dart hits the exact center of the bull, then the second player is required to acknowledge that the first player's dart is in the center of the bull, and remove the dart and then throw for the cork.
    5. If the two players are the same distance from the center of the bull after one dart each, then the darts are to remain in the board and a second dart will be thrown by each player. The second player will throw first in this instance.
    6. In the first leg, the throwing order will be decided by the winner of the cork.
    7. In the middle legs (leg 2 in a best of 3, leg 2-4 in a best of 5), the loser of the previous game will go first.
    8. In the last game (game 3 in a best of 3, game 5 in a best of 5), players will again cork for either throwing first or game played. If the final game is predetermined, then the players will cork for throwing order.

Match card

  1. 1.All players will record game stats and the result of each leg during all matches played.
    ※If player stats are not recorded, the player(s) may be disqualified.
  2. 2.Match card must have signature from the winning and losing team verifying the match results and stats.
  3. 3.Upon completion of all matches, the match card must be turned into the control desk.

Correcting a Score

  1. 1.If a dart machine records the score incorrectly and the dart remains stuck to the board, a referee can be called to correct the score by using the "Reverse A Round" function.
    The correct score will be entered by the referee by pressing the target segment where the dart is stuck. No player should use this function without a referee present.
  2. 2.Incorrect scores cannot be amended if the darts are no longer in the board, whether by removal from the player or bounce out. The score will count and the players turn will be over.
  3. 3.In case the game is interrupted due to power failure, etc. a referee will restore the machine to the last game with the agreement of both teams.
    If restoration is not possible, then the leg will be reset to the beginning and teams will have to start over.

Dress code

  • All players are required to compete in appropriate attire.
  • All shirts must have sleeves.
    ※No tank tops, halter-tops, half shirts.
  • Shorts are allowed, however, no cut-offs, or ragged hems are allowed.
  • No "flip flops", slip-ons, beach sandals, slippers.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times in the tournament room.
  • No hats or headgear of any type are allowed while playing in ANY match. However, if a player needs to wear headwear for religious and/or other reasons, please obtain prior approval from DARTSLIVE USA.
  • Clothing must not have any competing manufactures names or logos visible.
  • Clothing must not have any competing tournaments names or logos visible.
Penalty for not adhering to the Dress Code
Any player not in proper attire will have a 15-minute period in which to change their attire. This period will only be granted 1 time. If after the 15-minute period the player is still not in appropriate attire, then they will be disqualified from the current match.

Issues during the match

  • It is the responsibility of the team captain or player to bring forward any issues in the game at the time that the issue occurs. Any issue should be brought to a referee's attention and the match should not continue until a ruling is made. Any issue brought forward after the fact will not be given consideration.

Bust Rule

  • If a player averages more than 3 points above their tournament rating, DARTSLIVE has the ability to rerate that player for the duration of the tournament. If the rerate causes the team to exceed the point cap of the tournament that they are currently playing in, that team will be declared "BUSTED" and eliminated from the tournament at that point. Ratings will be checked prior to the top 8 rounds of every tournament.

Tournament Suspension / Revocations

Players who engage in any of the following acts without due reasons may be removed from the tournament, denied entry in other events, forfeiture of entry fees and prize moneys.

  1. 1.Abandoning matches and walking off from the venue without any notification after the commencement of the tournament.
  2. 2.Playing darts while intoxicated, intentionally delaying the game and engaging in any other acts that are disturbing to the operations of the event.
  3. 3.Committing any other acts against public order and morals and/or acts that lack the sense of sportsmanship.
  4. 4.Using false ID (passport, Hong Kong ID) or ID of a person other than the player himself/herself.
  5. 5.Playing dishonestly and fraudulently to each other. Playing fixed games.
  6. 6.Becoming liable to criminal charges during the tournament participation periods.
  7. 7.Using abusive language during matches, slandering and defaming others, committing violent acts and/or making false reports during the tournament.

Additional Players' Obligations

  1. 1.Players grant DARTSLIVE the right to use their names, stage names, profiles, portraits, pictures, movies and any other audiovisual items.
  2. 2.DARTSLIVE has the right to ask players to attend the photo sessions and interviews, and the players agree to accept such requests.
  3. 3.DARTSLIVE reserves the right not to offer prize money or the right to reject the participation if players do not follow the tournament rules and/or not conduct required acts.
  4. 4.DARTSLIVE has the right to remove or refuse any players who are found to be impediments to the event or event progress from participating in the tournament.
  5. 5.Players who are participating in this event grant absolute right to DARTSLIVE to use pictures and video images filmed during the event for advertising and commercial purposes without limitations on time period, place and/or methods.
  6. 6.Manufacturers and organizations that are not official sponsors of the event must not use USA OPEN logos and the titles awarded at the event for their advertisement purposes without DARTSLIVE approval.
  7. 7.Those players who compete in this tournament are deemed to have agreed to the aforementioned terms, conditions and DARTSLIVE's rights.

Prize Money

  1. 1.Valid photo identification showing your name and date of birth (e.g. Passport) is required for registration and payment of prize money. Players will also be required to fill out appropriate tax forms at DARTSLIVE's request, prior to receiving prize money.
  2. 2.DARTSLIVE and the Tournament Directors have the final say and discretion on all matters, rulings, not limited but to also include tournament format and any modifications deemed necessary for the smooth running of the event(s).
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