New DARTSLIVE App to be launched in November!


The DARTSLIVE Official App changes in early November! We will end support for the current DARTSLIVE App.
With the new “DARTSLIVE” App, darts can be more fun and enjoyable with anyone.

What you can do with the new “DARTSLIVE” App
<DARTSLIVE Premium Members only>
A new function! “Real-time” rating will be available at each game.
In the current app, your rating becomes available on the next day, but the new app will show the rating right away and make darts more fun and exciting.

The new app can keep your special dates such as your first day with DARTSLIVE. You can share those special darts dates and memories in your group.

<For all DARTSLIVE members>
*Some functions are not available for Standard Members.
More detailed, delightful and deeper play data!
You can improve your darts performance as you can check your darts skill from multiple perspectives.

Form a darts group with your friends!
You can see which group member is playing darts at the moment. You can compare play data and ranking positions in your group. Group members can have more fun together!

The web card page will be partly renovated.
It will be easier to purchase and acquire Bonus Coin.
You will also find it easier to purchase and set DARTSLIVE THEME and AWARD MOVIE.

・We will end support for our current “DARTSLIVE” App.
・Our current “DARTSLIVE” App will be unavailable to download in mid-Jan, 2019. Please switch to the new “DARTSLIVE” App (“DARTSLIVE – Play Data & Group”).
・We will stop accepting new subscription to our current “DARTSLIVE” App via Google Play in mid-Oct, and any new addition to FRIEND in early-Nov.
・Monthly fee will be charged until you cancel your subscription via Google Play.
・You can still use DARTSLIVE Theme, Award Movie, and WhereNow on the card page of our website.
・By early October, it will be unavailable to subscribe to Premium Membership in the old app (App Store/Google Play), and the addition of friends will end in the app by early November.
・If you subscribe to Premium Membership in the old app via Google Play, you can maintain your membership and enjoy the services. However, the membership fee remains the same unless you cancel the membership.
・If you sign up your Premium Membership in the old app via App Store, you can enjoy the membership services until the remaining days of the membership reach 0.

Don’t miss the launch in early Nov!!

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