DARTSLIVE Premium Membership Fee Reduced


DARTSLIVE Premium Membership fee will change on Thursday, November 1.
If you are paying your Premium Membership fee by credit card or PayPal, you don’t have to do anything.
If you hold a DARTSLIVE Premium Membership and make payments in DARTSLIVE App via Google Play, please cancel your Premium Membership and resubscribe selecting one of the methods below:

Credit card / PayPal


To be launched in early November New DARTSLIVE App

Current App
App Store: USD 14.99 / Available period 90 days
Google Play: AUD 5.50 / Month

・Holders of Premium Membership paying via Google Play will incur the older fee until they cancel.
・Dates indicated here for the introduction of the new DARTSLIVE Premium Membership fee are based on Japan Standard Time. (The process will be conducted before noon on the day.)
・Some credit cards companies may apply a currency exchange fee when you pay for your membership fee in USD.

>Visit here for more information about the new DARTSLIVE App

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