Best Summer with MAHJONG LIVE Super Star Scramble!

MAHJONG LIVE Super Star Scramble

MAHJONG LIVE Super Star Scramble to be held!
The indoor game is perfect for a sizzling summer!

~What’s Super Star Scramble?~

Super Star Scramble is a survival match where players in a game compete for “Star”.
The players with the highest no. of stars will be the top of the world ranking.

Jul. 22 (Fri) to Aug. 14 (Sun)
*Japan time

★Movie THEME of MAHJONG Workout
To be awarded to the players who can maintain their 5 stars or more till the campaign ends.

★Special avatar
Players who ranked TOP10 will receive an avatar that is available for limited time only.
Available period of the avatars: Aug. 15 (Mon) to Sep. 5 (Mon)

1st to 3rd   4th to 10th
Super Star Scramble   Super Star Scramble

Good news for those who held back your tears after losing their 100 or more stars at once!
A mystery THEME will be given to you! You would be able to guess what it is!
Super Star Scramble

Who will be the top players of this tournament that draws MAHJONG players across the world!?
In this summer‚ go to the shops with TouchLive!

・This campaign will end at 6:30am on Aug. 15 (Mon)‚ Japan time.
・The gifts will be awarded on Aug. 16 (Tue).

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