【MAHJONG LIVE】Additional offer for “Super Star Scramble”!


Currently, players are competing each other for more stars in “Super Star Scramble”.

Amid increasingly fierce competitions among those players, we have prepared an additional offer!!!
Special avatar will be awarded to the players who are ranked TOP10 for a limited time only from June 15(Mon) to July 5(Sun)♪

(1) 1st to 3rd

(2) 4th to 10th

Who will conquer these intense battles!?

【Campaign information】
May 18(Mon) to June 14(Sun)

☆To obtain the special goods
5 “Stars” or more


Players with 5 or more “Stars” at the end of the campaign will receive the limited Movie THEME.

・Prize will be awarded based on the ranking when it becomes available.
・Campaign will end at 6:30 AM on June 5 (Mon)‚ Japan time.

>>How to check the ranking: Login to CARD page > TouchLive > MAHJONG LIVE CARD page > Super Star Scramble
>>Click here for shops with MAHJONG LIVE!

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