【This weekend】SUPER DARTS 2013 Live Webcasting!


“SUPER DARTS 2013”, is the supreme stage by 16 players who are chosen from all over the world.
The heated battle is going to be webcasted live.

Live from:
April 7th 12:00pm. (Singapore, Malaysia)
April 7th 11:00am. (Thailand)
April 6th 21:00 (US, Canada) Pacific Daylight Time
April 7th 6:00am. (Belgium)
April 7th 14:00 (Australia) Australian Eastern Standard Time

“SUPER DARTS 2013 pre-event party” held the day before is also going to be webcasted live.
Enjoy the doubles games of the world’s chosen 16 players!

Live from:
April 6th 18:00 (Singapore, Malaysia)
April 6th 17:00 (Thailand)
April 6th 3:00am. (US, Canada) Pacific Daylight Time
April 6th 12:00pm. (Belgium)
April 6th 20:00 (Australia) Australian Eastern Standard Time

Please click here for viewing

There will be a live webcast of SUPER DARTS 2013 on Niconico services! (April 7th Only)
Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in both Japanese and English.

Click here for SUPER DARTS 2013 Official Website!

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