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Are You The One?! "THE ONE - National Super Singles Championship" Is Coming!


"THE ONE - National Super Singles Championship" IS ON ITS WAY!!

For the past few weeks, with the cooperation Operators throughout North America and DARTSLIVE USA have been discussing and planning a brand new event called "THE ONE"!
We are pleased to announce that "THE ONE" is officially commenced.

What is "THE ONE"?
The journey of "THE ONE" starts at the qualifiers to be held at your local bar. The players who have qualified from the 1st round will be gathered to compete each other at the Operator's Championship to win the ticket for playing at the Final Tournament at USA OPEN 2013 to become "THE ONE"

"THE ONE" will be consisted of 4 Flights, which is A Flight (Rating 8-13), B Flight (Rating 1-7), Ladies and Youth (age 10-17)

◆The Process
Your local operators will run a series of qualifier tournaments for the above 4 separate divisions.

The Top 2 players from each qualifier will advance to an Operator Championship within each Division.
The winner of each Operator Divisional Championship will be eligible to represent that Operator at the USA OPEN (Las Vegas, Nevada) in "THE ONE" National Super Singles Championship on Nov. 1, 2014.

Each qualifier round will be in a round robin format. Players can join as many qualifier events until the Top 2 players from each division are chosen to advance to the Operator Championship.

"THE ONE" is an exclusive event for DARTSLIVE Premium Members only. Contact your local Operator to learn where your nearest qualifier events will take place!

All players will be required to possess an established DARTSLIVE Rating to participate in "THE ONE"

*More information on "THE ONE" will be posted soon so keep your eyes and ears open!

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