SUPER 2 2019

SUPER 2 2019

SUPER 2 2019 Game On!

Good luck to all the SUPER 2 2019 doubles teams as they battle it out to make it to the next level, SUPER 2 2019 Region Finals held next January 2020.

SUPER 2 players, please note the following rules below. A more detailed rule page is attached at the bottom of this article.

-Players must play at least 40 legs in a flight to qualify for that flight’s Region Final.
-For substitutions, the rating of the substitute player must be equal to or less than the player they are substituting for. Substitutions from players in the same division is strictly prohibited. Substitutes from other divisions are allowed.

League Play: August 25 – December 31, 2019
Region Final: January 2020
A Flight: January 11, 2020
B Flight: January 25, 2020
C Flight: January 12, 2020
*All dates subject to change

Flights/Rating Caps
A Flight: 23 (Handicapped)
B Flight: 16 (Handicapped)
C Flight: 10 (Handicapped)
DARTSLIVE 2 handicap will be used.

>>SUPER 2 2019 Rules

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