It is the beard this time! 40% discount to celebrate the launch of this new THEME App!

Every time you throw a dart, the hair and the beard get thicker!

A new THEME app becomes available!
In this new App Theme, the men’s appearances change every time a dart hits the target. Have fun with this mysterious duo!

■THEME name: Hairy brothers
■Price for Premium Members: 240 coins (40%OFF)
■Price for Standard Members: 400 coins
■Regular Price for Premium Members: 320 coins (20%OFF)

New App THEME Sale!
To celebrate the launch of this new THEME App, a limited-time special discount is available.

■THEME name: Hairy brothers
■Eligible member: Dartslive Premium Members
■Discount: 40%OFF (Regular 20% discount for Premium Members + 20% additional discount)
■Special sale period: Tue Aug 8 to Sun Oct 8 JST

Don’t miss this special opportunity!

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