Entry period of AMERICA'S TOUR 2015 Annual Entry and STAGE 2 Minnesota


■Annual Entry for OPEN DIVISION
The entry period of the Annual Entry is available again from this very day. The entry will be available by May 14th. This will be the last chance for applying for the Annual Entry.

Go directly to the entry page of Annual Entry

■STAGE 2 Minnesota Entry Period to be opened on May 15th
The entry period for the OPEN DIVISION of AMERICA’S TOUR 2015 STAGE 2 Minnesota will be opened on May 15th.
STAGE 2 well be held at Biff’s Sports Bar & Grill from June 26 to 28th.
The OPEN DIVISION will be available ONLINE ONLY. 64 positions available so don’t delay.
**The Operator will be taking registrations for DIVISION I & II. Space is limited to make sure you contact the operator Superior Vending to reserve a spot for yourself.

Friday night will be the SHOOT OUT Round for seedings of the OPEN DIVISION, Saturday will be AMERICA’S TOUR Tournament Round (DIVISION I & II, OPEN DIVISION) and Sunday will be Operator’s House Tournament.
*Information of Sunday will be updated on our official website and Facebook page.
*Entry period for other STAGES will be announced soon.

→Visit the official website of AMERICA’S TOUR

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