AMERICAS TOUR 2015 Announcement

Schedule Announcement of AMERICAS TOUR 2015

We are very excited to announce the schedule of AMERICAS TOUR 2015.
This year’s AMERICAS TOUR will be held in 5 different cities, starting from Chattanooga, Tennessee to ending at Vancouver, British Columbia.

We are also expanding AMERICAS TOUR so that everyone has a chance to attend. We are offering 3 different divisions for players to participate in depending on rating: OPEN Division, Division I HDCP(Rating 6-10), and Division II HDCP(Rating 1-5). Maximum entries: OPEN Division 64 entries (online entries will be available), DIVISION I – 60 entries (with the operator or at location), DIVISION II – 28 entries (with the operator or at location).

* Operator contact information will be available when online registration opens.

** Operator will be offering at least 2 qualifiers for a total of 8 pre-paid entries for DIVISION I & II.


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