Half a month left! Did you get your Bonus Credit by playing GLOBAL MATCH???

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Half a month remaining for "Win Bonus Credit by playing GLOBAL MATCH" 

Have you played GLOBAL MATCH this month? If you are a DARTSLIVE PREMIUM MEMBER, you will earn a Bonus Credit just by playing a GLOBAL MATCH during this month!

The Bonus Credit will be given every 12 hours to a DARTSLIVE Premium Member. If you're a DARTSLIVE Premium Member, don't miss this chance of winning an extra game play!

Campaign Information
■Campaign Period:

HST Sep 30st 22:00 – Nov 1st 22:00
AST Sep 30st 23:00 – Nov 1st 23:00
PST Oct 1st 00:00 – Nov 2nd 00:00
MST Oct 1st 01:00 – Nov 2nd 01:00
CST Oct 1st 02:00 – Nov 2nd 02:00
EST Oct 1st 03:00 – Nov 2nd 03:00

■How can you earn Bonus Credits?:
If you have a DARTSLIVE CARD and are registered as a DARTSLIVE Premium Member (Standard Members under Premium Membership Trial Period will also be included),
you can earn a Bonus Credit (USA: 4 credits, Canada: 1 credit) when you choose either 701 or STANDARD CRICKET after you enter GLOBAL MATCH.
*Standard Member can play GLOBAL MATCH during the campaign but will not earn Bonus Credit..

■Are you a registered DARTSLIVE Member???
Having a DARTSLIVE CARD doesn’t mean you’re a registered DARTSLIVE Member. If you’re not sure whether you’re a registered member or not, check your status from the link below!

→Register your DARTSLIVE CARD now!
→What is a DARTSLIVE Premium Member?

■Important Notes
*You can earn your bonus credit by selecting GLOBAL MATCH and selecting either 701 or Standard Cricket.
・One Bonus Credit will be given to a DARTSLIVE Premium Member’s account every 12 hours.
*Please be aware that Bonus Credits will be available for one person per DARTSLIVE CARD account.
*If there are multiple DARTSLIVE CARDS registered under one DARTSLIVE account‚ the first DARTSLIVE CARD holder to play GLOBAL MATCH will be given the Bonus Credit.
*The other DARTSLIVE CARD holders on the same account can earn the Bonus Credit 12 hours after the last Bonus Credit was earned.
*Standard Members will still be able to play Global Match as they always have, but will not be eligible for bonus credits until they become Premium Members.

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