August's Encore COUNT-UP Update!


Update for the Encore COUNT-UP ranking is now available!

Players across North America is raving seeing all the good times from SUPER LEAGUE SEASON 2 Fiesta! Come check out the current standing below!


11   Dont H8 Da Playa 50 Times
12   rudy fernandez 48 Times
13   Mike Sexton 47 Times
14   Sweets 41 Times
15   》KINGKAIO《 39 Times
16   duster 38 Times
17   Dart Wrangler 37 Times
18   Stan Larreau 36 Times
19   S. Maverick 33 Times
20   ≪Himrylan≫ 31 Times

》Osbourn《 from Grumpy’s Tavern is taking the lead with 176 Encores followed by TIFFANY from Max’s Bar & Grill with 128 Encores and Mike Williams from Just Left with 95 Encores!

→The Top 10 Players will be receiving a SUPER LEAGUE SEASON 2 Fiesta Gift Set!
→The Top 3 Players will be given a free entry to either AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 6 Toronto or USA OPEN by the player’s choice!
→All players who plays the ENCORE COUNT-UP will get a special SUPER LEAGUE SEASON 2 Fiesta THEME!

CLICK HERE to see all the details for August’s Encore COUNT-UP Campaign!

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