Thank you for joining “Let’s Make Friends” campaign!

Let’s Make Friends

Let’s Make Friends campaign has completed with a global success.
We appreciate the participation of fellow darts players in this campaign!
Last but not least‚ here is the campaign result‚ the list of the top 10 players with the highest no. of friends in Canada.

1st : Dingbat?! (61 friends)
2nd : Mr. KeNnY (58 friends)
3rd : (^_^;) 傻的嗎?? (50 friends)
4th : wAi (46 friends)
5th : BU BU Beee (40 friends)
5th : Colin He (40 friends)
6th : 黄 先 生、 (39 friends)
7th : 車son (38 friends)
8th : Daniel Kan (37 friends)
8th : TYANG (37 friends)
9th : Moon Jaesig (34 friends)
10th : Steven Ou (33 friends)
*As of 10 a.m. on Aug.1‚ 2014 (Japan time)

Keep enjoying darts with your “new darts friends” from this campaign!
Many more great campaigns to come from DARTSLIVE!

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