Larry Butler wins AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 3 Virginia!!


AMERICA’S TOUR STAGE 3 Virginia was held at RJ’s Sports Pub on October 19th.

The final match was played between Larry Butler (Ohio) and Friday’s SHOOT OUT winner Bradley Porter (Indiana).
Larry Butler (Ohio) has become the first player to win two consecutive and also multiple Stages of AMERICA’S TOUR.

Here are the ELITE 8 from STAGE 3
◆ Winner:
Larry Butler (Ohio)
◆ Runner-Up:
Bradley Porter (Indiana)
◆ 3rd tie:
Scott Kirchner (Wisconsin),
Ryan Morey (New York)

◆ 5th tie:
Leonard Gates (Texas)
Raymond Carver (Illinois)
Danny Delfino (Georgia)
Chris White (California)

Photo gallery and highlight will be updated soon on the official website of AMERICA’S TOUR.
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We’d like to specially thank Cross Darts Amusement and RJ’s Spoerts Pub for their great support during the whole event.
Without your support, this event couldn’t happened, we truly appreciate all of your cooperation.

AMERICA’S TOUR will now be moving to the Final Stage, Hawaii. Entry will be opened soon, so don’t miss your chance!!

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