【SUPER DARTS 2020】 Tengku Shah to participate!

Tengku Shah clinched the top spot in the SEA TOUR 2019 ranking on Sunday, 20 October and earned a ticket to SUPER DARTS 2020.

I feel great and extremely honored to win the SEA TOUR. As ranked in the 1st place for SEA TOUR 2019 Annual Ranking and to be invited to SUPER DARTS 2020, I feel really good.
I have tried qualifying for SUPER DARTS once but I lost. This is my second time and I got a chance to play in one of the greatest events in soft darts!
I haven’t been in Japan for such a long time. I am very honored to be invited to go there.

SUPER DARTS 2020 will bring together the best players in the world. Don’t miss upcoming announcements about other participants.
For more about SUPER DARTS 2020, please go to our website.


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