On Monday 28th February, the hugely popular practice game “SHOOT OUT” from DARTSLIVE3 will finally be available in the DARTSLIVE Home App!
In addition, a “STREAMER MODE” will be added to the LIVE MATCH SETTINGS in the app to protect the privacy information of your opponents.

*Please note that you will not be able to find an opponent for LIVE MATCHES in older versions of the app. Please update app as soon as possible after release.



■ Increase your throwing accuracy!

The familiar SHOOT OUT from DARTSLIVE3 will be added to the DARTSLIVE Home app.
In this game, the score is calculated by “the number that you hit” x “the number of open areas,” and the later the round, the higher the chance of scoring.
Once a number is hit, it is no longer valid, so the key to a high score is to hit the numbers with the lowest scores in order.



■ A useful function for streamers

STREAMER MODE, a convenient settings menu for video streaming, has been added in the LIVE MATCH settings menu.
Personal information such as the opponent’s camera image and the player’s name can be hidden in advance. This makes it possible to stream the game in a way that protects the privacy of the opponent.


In addition, even when STREAMER MODE is OFF, you can temporarily hide your opponent’s camera image by tapping the icon that appears during LIVE MATCH play.


We will continue to offer a wide range of services and contents on DARTSLIVE Home, so please stay tuned.


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