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THE WORLD Medley Match Campaign - Results Are Up!!


Here are the final results of THE WORLD Medley Match Campaign!! Winners are as follows. Check who gets Paul Lim Uniform!

Prize List
1st - Paul Lim Darts Uniform (signed) + THE WORLD 2012 DVD
2nd - 10th - THE WORLD 2012 drinks tumbler + THE WORLD 2012 DVD


≪How to Receive the Prize≫
Prize items mentioned above will be delivered to the HOME SHOP which is displayed next to the prize winner's Card Name.
Prize Winners, please kindly pick up your prize at your HOME SHOP after THE WORLD Stage 3.
*The prize will be delivered to winners' HOME SHOPs from end of June
*Please bring your DARTSLIVE card to your HOME SHOP to receive your prize.

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