DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. Begins Service in Brunei!

DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. (HQ: Hong Kong, CEO: Steven W.C.So), a subsidiary of DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd., has begun to offer DARTSLIVE service in Brunei Darussalam (hereinafter referred to as Brunei) in May 2015. This has become the 19th operation base of DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. following its service launch in the United States and 17 countries in Asia and Europe.
Soft-tip darts enjoys high popularity in Asia especially in Japan and Hong Kong. For further expansion in the Asian markets, DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. has launched its services in Brunei, an affluent country with its rich fossil fuel resources. People are highly interested in entertainment, leisure and shopping in the country. Their spending power is top-level in Asia. Brunei also has its own darts organizations and darts competitions are held frequently. Network darts service, as a current mainstream darts is introduced there for the first time. DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. will further increase its outlets for DARTSLIVE service to be enjoyed by more people as a new form of entertainment.

(First shop that opened on May 16)

Hamberly Hills Times Zone Edutainment

Second floor, Times Square Shopping Centre , Jalan Berakas, Spg 13-29, Kg Jaya Setia, Mukim Berakas A,Brunei Darussalam

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DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd. continues its endeavor to create "Community Entertainment" that connects "people" to "people" and "heart" to "heart" across the world.

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