Introduction of DARTSLIVE history
in chronological order



Release of Ultra-quiet Home Dart Board “DARTSLIVE-ZERO BOARD”


With its newly developed parts, DARTSLIVE launched a home dart board with reduced noise and vibration. The new board maintains the official board size of soft-tip darts tournament. With this board, players can enjoy darts regardless of time and location at reasonable cost.



Nippon Darts Festival 2016 held at Tokyo Big Sight


Nippon Darts Festival consists of several tournaments such as the world champion tournament to name the world’s strongest, the youth tournament for players under 22 and casual tournaments. About 7,000 darts fans of all ages and nationalities visited Tokyo Big Sight. The venue also had one of Japan’s largest numbers of the booths of darts and its related businesses along with many festive and entertaining booths.




Dartslive rolled out 15 types of MARVEL DARTSLIVE CARDS. The designs included the popular heros such as Spider-man, Iron Man and Hulk along with the MARVEL logo.


“Drink and Darts!" Budweiser Campaign


During the campaign period, “Budweiser 501” and limited-time-only DARTSLIVE THEME were available. Players also enjoyed the prize drawing at the campaign shops.


Full scale launch of “BIRDIE WORKS”, a golf putting machine


Dartslive started selling the putting machine “BIRDIE WORKS” in earnest. Putting is significant part of the game. Some say the skill count for 40% of the golf score. So, BIRDIE WORKS assists a player in perfecting a putt stroke while providing his or her ”Sink-in” rate using the player’s performance data.


"YAKUZA-Like A Dragon” campaign simultaneously in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong


Collaboration campaign with a video game "YAKUZA-Like A Dragon” was held in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. During the campaign, users enjoyed YAKUZA-Like A Dragon KIWAMI” SHOOT OUT and its free campaign THEME. The campaign had special giveaway of collaboration items that were only available in the campaign.



Collaboration Campaign with a new TV Series “Lupin The Third”


“Lupin The Third" COUNT-UP was made available during the campaign. In the game, players can enjoy the famous scenes of the animation and its characters' voices. The animation's DARTSLIVE THEME and DARTSLIVE CARDS were available for purchase during the campaign.





All Country

DARTSLIVE marked its 10th Year Anniversary since we began the first location test and started our journey to become “an entertainment organization that creates happiness”.

To mark its 10th anniversary, DARTSLIVE put 10 special plans into practice as a token of appreciation.


Held “2013 IDF WORLD CUP presented by DARTSLIVE” in Shanghai, China.


“2013 IDF WORLD CUP presented by DARTSLIVE” was held in Shanghai, China. IDF WORLD CUP is an international soft tip darts event in which players from more than 30 countries and regions including Europe, the USA and Japan take part.




AMERICA'S TOUR kicked off in the US, the one of the major soft tip darts markets. DARTSLIVE USA is hosting this tour event at 4 places in the US to discover new talented players and raise the awareness of such players in the worldwide darts industry.


DARTSLIVE service began in Shanghai, China.


"DARTSLIVE began to offer DARTSLIVE services in Shanghai, China as its 15th overseas operation base.
i Darts Shanghai opened in Hengshan Road, Shanghai's vibrant nightlife district, and it is the largest scale directly-managed shop. "


PRO TOUR JAPAN 2013” began to determine the best player in Japan!


JAPAN, the tournament that decides the best darts player in Japan, is on its second year of operation. The event is seeing more players with higher competence, contributing to raise the level of competition.


The world's top pro tour "THE WORLD 2013" began.

All Country

In 2013, the tournament enlarged its scale and accordingly, the number of hosting countries increased to five; Hong Kong, France, Korea, China and the US. The event is continuing to grow and players from more countries are taking part in it.


Held “SUPER DARTS 2013”, an incomparable tournament of top players.

All Country

The 6th SUPER DARTS was held in Hong Kong for the first time. This stage can be called "Masters tournament" in soft-tip darts. Player selection was made from much more diverse candidates including PDC players and leading players in 9 countries . High level games were played by 16 players who were selected from all over the world such as Europe, North America and Asia.


Launched of DARTSLIVE service in Australia.


DARTSLIVE began the provision of its service in Australia. At the same time, “i Darts D540”, the first i Darts location in the Southern Hemisphere, was opened in Doncaster, a suburb of Melbourne.


DARTSLIVE service began in Belgium and Portugal.


Belgium and Portugal became the 11th and 12th countriesto provide DARTSLIVE services.


DARTSLIVE service started in Korea.


DARTSLIVE stated its services in Korea as its 9th overseas operation base.



DARTSLIVE formed a partnership with PDC.

All Country

DARTSLIVE entered into a partnership with Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), the most renowned company in the steel tip darts industry. This partnership was formed to facilitate the development of darts as a sport beyond the border of soft tip and steel tip darts.


i Darts Tokyo and i Darts JAPAN” opened in Roppongi, Tokyo.


Following the successful worldwide expansion of bar chain “i Darts”, DARTSLIVE Group opened the first corporate bars in Japan, “i Darts Tokyo” and “i Darts JAPAN” in Roppongi, Tokyo.
As DARTSLIVE Group’s flagship locations, they suggest new approach to the entertainment, and also attach importance to the philosophy of connecting “people to people” and “heart to heart”.


"one card, one world" - DARTSLIVE service renewal.

All Country

DARTSLIVE service had a major renewal under the new slogan “one card, one world”.
Based on the concept “service for anyone and everyone”, we introduced GLOBAL MATCH which enabled people to play games with players in other countries, renewed DARTSLIVE’s top menu and member page, and also added some new features to TouchLive.
A series of new services were rolled in an endeavor to create quality entertainment that are enjoyable to all people regardless of their age, darts skill or nationalities.


Started DARTSLIVE service in Thailand.


DARTSLIVE started the provision of its service in Bangkok, Thailand and at the same time, opened the first i Darts location in Thailand called “i Darts Thailand”, the largest darts bar among all i Darts locations abroad.


DARTSLIVE started its services in France.


DARTSLIVE2 was introduced in a booth at the tournament held in La Rochelle (western France) in May, 2012. About one month after the tournament, DARTSLIVE services began in FRANCE.


First hosting of PRO TOUR JAPAN


SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN started as a pro tour tournament.
This tournament aims to discover world level top players and support them. This tournament adopts unique system named JAPAN16 where the players who won through this tournament play against the pro players who showed great performance at the previous STAGE. Tension-filled tournament was prepared.


Released a smartphone application featuring DACHO Club (Ota Production), a Japanese comedian group.



Started DARTSLIVE service in Malaysia.

All Country

DARTSLIVE started the provision of its service in Malaysia and at the same time, opened 5,000sq.ft. "i Darts Hex" in the “Scott garden", an entertainment complex located in the center Kuala Lumpur – the capital city of Malaysia.


Establishment of DARTSLIVE USA INC.

All Country

After one month into the location test in California, we established "DARTSLIVE USA INC."

as our service base in the USA, the world's top soft tip darts nation.



All Country

In line with the expansion of international business, DARTSLIVE INTERNATIONAL Ltd. was founded as a new operation base. It serves as a central office to govern regional subsidiaries “DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd.” and newly setup “DARTSLIVE USA, INC.” and also engages in the improvement of services.


DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE system started its operation.

All Country

DARTSLIVE OFFICIAL LEAGUE system is an automatic league system and its operation started.
This system is used for league operation in countries and regions in Asia and Europe.


DARTSLIVE services started in the US.


DARTSLIVE started the location test at 2 bars in the west coast of the US (California). This became the cornerstone of the provision of our service in the USA.


DARTSLIVE application was launched for Android.

All Country

DARTSLIVE App, an application that gives easy access to DARTSLIVE data, became available for Android phone users.


A true king of darts emerged from “SUPER DARTS 2011”.


The 5th SUPER DARTS transformed itself into a stage to determine the genuine king of darts. DARTSLIVE invited 16 elite players from all over the world and they competed fiercely at Akasaka BLITZ (Tokyo, Japan). An introduction of the "invitation only system" enabled us to hold an unprecedentedly high level competition amongst the top players with proven abilities.


A sensational network-connected MAHJONG LIVE went into full-scale operation.


MAHJONG LIVE service began in full-fledged form. By employing a high definition touchscreen, MAHJONG LIVE enabled players to enjoy the realistic ambience of Mahjong competition.
The same DARTSLIVE Card may be used to battle against players in Japan and in several other countries. The card also gives players easy access to their game performance and ranking data.


Began the sale of a home dart board, DARTSLIVE-100S.

All Country

We began the sale of home dart boards “DARTSLIVE-100S” equipped with the world standard 15.5 inch target and dynamic BULL sound of DARTSLIVE to deliver the excitement of soft tip darts to a home environment.


Originated the greatest soft tip darts circuit tournament “THE WORLD”.

All Country

We originated the most prestigious soft tip darts circuit tournament, “THE WORLD” based on the principle “Create a tournament which anyone in the world is able to participate without being bound by nationality or any other restraints, and beyond the border of soft tip and steel tip darts. Disseminate inspiration and excitement of darts through this tournament.”



Started DARTALIVE service in Singapore.


DARTSLIVE started the provision of its service in Singapore.

DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd, the subsidiary of DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd., appointed “DARTSLIVE (S) PTE. LTD.” as a local base of its operation and entered into an agency agreement.


Establishment of DARTSLIVE GAMES Co., Ltd. (business was terminated in March 2013)


Held “DARTSLIVE Area Championship” in 6 areas in Japan.


We divided Japan into 6 areas, Northern Japan, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Western Japan and Southern Japan and held tournaments to determine the best player in each area. Players competed with pride for the title of "DARTSLIVE AREA PRO".


DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd. established its first overseas branch in Taiwan.


DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd. established its first overseas branch “DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd. TAIWAN Branch” in Taiwan where soft tip darts was enjoying high popularity.


DARTSLIVE App became available in iPhone, iPod touch and iPad format.

All Country

The application that gives people an access to their “DARTSLIVE” game performance data was released for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users.


SUPER DARTS 2010” along with its live webcasting across Japan and Hong Kong.


SUPER DARTS 2010 was held and webcasted live in Japan and Hong Kong.
This fourth SUPER DARTS realized the competitions among the toughest players who won through one of the 4 tournaments:SOFT DARTS JAPAN TOURNAMENT'09, DARTSLIVE ARENA, the match to decide the strongest, GOOD DARTS INVITATIONAL and the qualification match for overseas players’ invitationals. Live webcast was available in Japan and Hong Kong.


Distributed more than one million DARTSLIVE Cards.

All Country

DARTSLIVE Card is one of the features that makes DARTSLIVE a distinguished service. More than one million DARTSLIVE Cards had been distributed around the world. As a token of appreciation, we presented a limited version of original items to DARTSLIVE fans and supporters.


Held an under-19 only nationwide tournament “Soft Darts U-19”.


This tournament was launched to discover and promote young talented players of 19 years and under. DARTSLIVE Pros gave lectures at each venue during the qualifying rounds.



Started “GOOD DARTS MOBILE” service. (The service ended in May 2013)


A mobile phone version of "GOOD DARTS" free magazine service began to embody its concept “improving darts skill”. Top players shared their skill improvement tips and explained their techniques in videos and columns.


Establishment of “DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd. in Hong Kong”

Hong Kong

In line with the expansion of overseas business, DARTSLIVE ASIA Ltd. was established and became the base for the worldwide development of DARTSLIVE services.


“DARTSLIVE x Switch” Original Darts Goods.


Oiginal darts goods were launched through collaboration of DARTSLIVE and Switch magazine.
Various artists in each field whom Switch featured continuously joined this production of the unprecedented darts goods. Those artists were Mika Ninagawa, Lily Franky and Masakatsu Shimoda.


Released “DARTSLIVE ARENA”, an online match function of DARTSLIVE2.


An introduction of DARTSLIVE ARENA enabled people to battle against other players in remote locations via the DARTSLIVE2 network.
This new network service brought a new dimension to the communication among players around the world.


DARTSLIVE services started in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

DARTSLIVE commenced its service at i Darts Club, a darts bar in Kowloon, Hong Kong. This enabled players to enjoy the DARTSLIVE service which was limited to the Japan market, on a worldwide basis. Players were able to compete for their worldwide rankings, form groups and communicate with players in different countries.
The first step towards the globalization of DARTSLIVE service was made through this location test.


SUPER DARTS 2009 was held.


8 players among contestants from 1,300 locations all across Japan won their way to this grand soft tip darts event. They vied each other for the champion title at the SUPER DARTS 2009, the final stage of the SOFT DARTS JAPAN TOURNAMENT ’08.



New generation network-connected dart machine, DARTSLIVE2 was launched.


New generation network darts machine, DARTSLIVE2 became available. It was the first machine loaded with full color LEDs on its darts board. Users could arrange the game screen to meet their style.


The number of registered members of the fee-based DARTSLIVE mobile phone service topped 200,000.


The number of registered members of the fee-based DARTSLIVE mobile phone service exceeded 200,000.
Our original darts sets were presented to 2,000 newly registered members to commemorate this occasion.


DARTSLIVE launched a free magazine ”GOOD DARTS”


We launched a dart magazine “GOOD DARTS”, which features a variety of darts skill improvement tips including top players’ secret techniques.
For every issue, 100,000 copies were distributed to the darts bars across Japan.




This event was renamed in 2008 to SOFT DARTS JAPAN TOURNAMENT. A tougher rating requirement was introduced to further raise the level of the tournament.
This exciting event saw new star players emerging while the players of previous SUPER DARTS experienced unexpected defeat.


2000 people gained entry to “DARTSLIVE 2DAYS” via limited sale tickets.


This was a 2-day event dedicated to DARTSLIVE fans. SUPER DARTS 2008 and DARTSLIVE PARTY were held over two consecutive days at Tokyo Big Sight (Odaiba, Japan). SUPER DARTS 2008 was streamed live at darts bars all across Japan. The world’s top player, Paul Lim, was invited as a guest to the DARTSLIVE PARTY.


DARTSLIVE moved its office to Ebisu, Shibuya.


A Snoopy version of DARTSLIVE darts and card set sales began.


DARTSLIVE received a “life style award” at KDDI's CONTENTS FORUM.


From over 5,000 websites, DARTLIVE official website was selected as the “lifestyle award” winner at the KDDI’s 8th Contents Forum CONTENTS AWARD.


TENKUBAN board game and its mobile services began.


We began the sale of TENKUBAN, a board game designed to facilitate face-to-face communication. A virtual version of this game was also introduced and made active player involvement in online matches possible. The service is currently available in Japan only (as of December 2013).



DARTSLIVE STORE opened in au shopping mall.


DARTSLIVE was demonstrated at the party hosted by KODANSHA's "GLAMOROUS" magazine.


We produced a small darts bar atmosphere and demonstrated DARTSLIVE machines and services at “GLAMOROUS NIGHT” (approx. 1200 guests). The party was hosted by a popular monthly beauty magazine called “GLAMOROUS”.


A team competition was introduced into DARTSLIVE JAPAN TOURNAMENT ‘07-08.


DARTSLIVE expanded the scale of Japan's highest level darts tournament “DARTSLIVE JAPAN TOURNAMENT‘07-08”.
Players across the nation engaged in intense battles to advance to its final stage “SUPER DARTS”.


Harrows and Sanrio (Hello Kitty & Charmmy Kitty) collaborate products were launched.


DARTSLIVE corporate logo was renewed, in line with its business expansion.


We renewed our corporate logo with a determination to develop TouchLive and other services contents besides DARTLIVE and to actively engage in branding.


The very first “SUPER DARTS” was held.


SUPER DARTS was created as a new entertainment event by employing “Spectator Sport” as its concept. Winners among 20,000 JAPAN TOURNAMENT ‘06-07 participants advanced to its final stage “SUPER DARTS”, and there they vied for the grand champion title. This exciting event was webcasted live on GyaO Sports.



The network-connected touchscreen game machine, “TouchLive” service began.


TouchLive is a touchscreen game machine which offers a variety of casual, fun games. Players can also enjoy the contents linked with DARTSLIVE by employing the same DARTSLIVE Card used with our networked dart machines.


Darts video webcasting service “DARTSLIVE.TV.” began.


A darts dedicated webcasting service “DARTSLIVE.TV” began. This web program won the No.1 position as the “Top Podcast” service in the iTunes Store “game and hobby” category.


The number of DARTSLIVE members topped 100,000.


After three years of operation, the number of registered DARTSLIVE members surpassed 100,000.


DARTSLIVE Party in Kobe.


Another exciting DARTSLIVE PARTY was held in Kobe. We produced a “One-Night Only Gigantic Darts Bar” and unveiled TouchLive, a new touchscreen game machine that was being developed at that time as an additional item for darts bars.




“DARTSLIVE JAPAN TOURNAMENT ‘06-07”, one of the biggest darts tournaments in Japan, was held to determine the strongest player. Qualifying rounds of the tournament progressed from locations, regions and to the block level and it was concluded at the ultimate event “SUPER DARTS” (held in April 2007).


DARTSLIVE was exhibited at Asia International Dart Tournament.


DARTSLIVE was exhibited at the Asia International Dart Tournament (held in Thailand) where 1,000 darts players from all over the world took part in. This was the first online operation of DARTSLIVE machines outside Japan.
Games results from the machines in this venue were reflected on DARTSLIVE Rankings in real time. This proved DARTSLIVE’s potential as a global entertainment service provider.




DARTSLIVE hosted its first event, DARTSLIVE PARTY, at Tokyo Big Sight (a convention hall in Odaiba, Japan). It was the first and the only all-night event ever held at this venue to this very day. Over 100 DARTSLIVE machines were installed at the grand floor, and this event drew around 5,000 darts fans.



Launch of the e-newsletter "LIVE CHANNEL" (service currently suspended).


LIVE CHANNEL was an email magazine service that delivered valuable DARTSLIVE services information such as promotions and events.



Launch of free magazine "LIVE CONNECT" (publication currently suspended).


"LIVE CONNECT" was a free magazine that provided various darts related information.
130,000 copies of LIVE CONNECT magazines circulated bi-monthly all across Japan at the locations equipped with DARTSLIVE machines.


Full-scale DARTSLIVE service began.


Upon completion of the one whole year location test, DARTSLIVE finally embarked on a full-scale operation.
A new entertainment concept which enabled communication among darts players via the network, won the hearts of existing players as well as new darts fans. This new entertainment began to spread through the soft tip darts industry in Japan.



Establishment of DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd.


“DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd.” was established by “Hitmaker Co., Ltd.”, a wholly owned subsidiary of SEGA Corporation, and “Medalist Marketing Corporation” as their joint venture corporation with an aim to provide network services for electronic darts devices.


DARTSLIVE network service location test began.


We commenced a location test of DARTSLIVE, the first electronic network-connected dart machine, at Bee SHIBUYA (a darts bar in Tokyo, Japan).


Based on planning capabilities and technologies inherited from Japan’s largest amusement company, SEGA Corporation, together with an internet infrastructure, DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd. was founded as a company that provides quality entertainment that connects “people to people”, “place to place” and “heart to heart”.

Up until a decade ago, players used to write their darts scores on a yellow paper and manually calculated their stats and ratings. This was an extremely time-consuming exercise. DARTSLIVE service was created to provide a solution to players to free them from these troublesome manual processes.

DARTSLIVE connected the stand-alone dart machines to the network, provided IC cards to enable personal authentication and enabled players to view a variety of play data on their personal computers and cell phones.
These functions have become bases of today’s DARTSLIVE services.

The DARTSLIVE CARD, the IC card dedicated to DARTSLIVE service, enables players to connect with people in other countries and offers an engaging DARTSLIVE entertainment experience anywhere in the world.
With this in mind, we adopted a key slogan “one card, one world” and are pursuing to expand DARTSLIVE service across the globe.


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