Worldwide Standard 15.5 inch Target Area, Large Easy-To-See LCD.
Perfect segments offer firm hold and smooth removal of darts!
RUBBER PIECES Wobbly target segments problem which was commonly found with home use dartboards
is now fixed. With an improved structure and softer plastic material composition, the target
segments firmly hold the tips of darts. Also, they can be pulled out from the
board much more smoothly.
Shock absorbers are built in to reduce the sound impact and noise. You can enjoy
your darts practice with DARTSLIVE 100S without irritating your neighbors.
A large LCD provides “Superb Visibility
Superb Visibility Enlarged main score display and sequential game score presentation enables
you to check the order of players, game progress and option settings at ease.
During a CRICKET match, both opponent(s) and your scores are displayed
simultaneously on the same screen, helping you to build game strategy more
Dynamic Sound Effects create full-blown game environment!

Dynamic and high quality DARTSLIVE2 sound sources were specially arranged for DARTSLIVE-100S home use dartboard.
Powerful sound effects of BULL and AWARD stir up the games and bring true darts excitement to your home!

※DARTSLIVE2], the network electronic darts machine, is enjoyed globally by many darts players.
※[DARTSLIVE] and [DARTSLIVE2] are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of DARTSLIVE Co., Ltd.


Simultaneous game play by 4 players
AC adapter or battery option using 4 AA batteries
  (batteries not included)

Game Options
  Selectable Bullseye Points (25/50 or 50/50)
  Open In/Out, Double In/Out, Master Out

・Dedicated AC Adapter
・4 Screws
・6 Soft-Tip Darts & Extra Tips
・Operating Manual