Participate in a collaboration campaign with PERSONA5 ROYAL and get Treasures!
We are launching a campaign to mark the release of “PERSONA5 ROYAL”, the latest version of the “PERSONA” series.■ Campaign
DARTSLIVE×PERSONA5 ROYAL Collaboration Campaign

■ Eligibility

■ Campaign Period
Wed 18 Mar to Sun 19 Apr 2020

Darts 101

Play a special edition COUNT-UP for this event and get a limited edition DARTSLIVE THEME!

Beautiful images from “PERSONA5 ROYAL” will appear on the background of your game screen!
Depending on the last digits of the total score, players may get a DARTSLIVE THEME of different members of Phantom Thieves!

There are 10 collectionable THEMEs in “P5R COUNT-UP”!

Insert DARTSLIVE CARD into the card slot in the DARTSLIVE2, or log in to the darts machine with QR code and play “P5R COUNT-UP”.
Depending on the last digits (0-9) of the total score at the end of the game, players may obtain a different background image of a character. Only one card may be inserted into per card slot during the game, or the campaign THEME will NOT be awarded.

Persona5 Royal Darts Mission

Clear the designated mission and earn treasure points!

You can claim treasures (gifts) using your cumulative points.
For more mission details, visit the mission page on the DARTSLIVE APP!

Download the DARTSLIVE App and create an account

Downloag on the App StoreGET IT ON Google Play

Access to “Persona 5 Royal Darts Mission”

Downloag on the App StoreGET IT ON Google Play

Press the “START MISSION” button and enter the campaign

Clear your mission

Earn points every time you clear your mission

Claim treasures (gifts) using your cumulative points

Digital contents you can claim using your points.


One MOVIE THEME with great effects included!

Special effects for high numbers!

AWARD MOVIE (10 types)

The “Total Attack” scene of the Phantom Thieves group members will appear in AWARD MOVIE!

WALLPAPER (13 types)

Three of these are exclusive illustrations made for this collaboration!

You can enter the draw to win Collab products using the dart mission points.

4 Winners

65 winners


◆About the Campaign

By participating in the campaign or entering in the campaign draw, players agree to accept the terms and conditions of “PERSONA5 ROYAL Darts Mission” (hereinafter referred to as “Campaign”) run by DARTSLIVE Co.Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “The company”).We host this campaign and ATLUS Co., Ltd does NOT engage in any campaign activity.

  • ・The campaign will be held in United States, Mexico, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand .
  • ・A smartphone is required to participate in this campaign. Not available with feature phones.
  • ・To participate in this campaign, you must create a DARTSLIVE account and download the DARTSLIVE APP.
  • ・Players must complete the darts mission after logging in to DARTSLIVE2 with a DARTSLIVE CARD or a QR Code in the campaign.
  • ・Campaign entry will be completed when a player presses the “START MISSION” button on the MISSION page of this campaign.

◆About DARTS MISSION (hereinafter referred to as “MISSION”)

  • ・MISSION completed while playing in a Online Match will be counted. (except for GLOBAL LEAGUE).
  • ・MISSIONs stating “○ points or more” is limited to the singles game only.
  • ・“Match” MISSIONs are limited to sigles games played with 2, 3, or 4 players only. Doubles mode is not included.
  • ・MISSIONs indicating a game, “Play P5R COUNT-UP” and “Play COUNT-UP” are separate MISSIONs.
  • ・Refresh the task page after clearing a MISSION, and the completed MISSIONs will be marked “CLEAR”.
  • ・After the MISSION is marked “CLEAR”, the points acquired will be added to the player’s Treasure points.

◆About Treasure points (hereinafter referred to as “POINTS”)

  • ・POINTS can be used only in this Campaign. POINTS may NOT be exchanged for DARTSLIVE Coin or cash.
  • ・POINTS expire at the end of the Campaign period.
  • ・Once used, POINTS can NOT be recovered.

◆About Treasures (Prize)

  • ・The prize images are for illustrative purposes only. The actual design shall prevail.
  • ・Once acquired, the smartphone wallpapers may be downloaded an unlimited number of times during the Campaign period.

◆About Participation Prize

<Participation Limit>
  • ・The more you enter the draw using your points, the higher your chance of winning.
<Winner Announcement>
  • ・The draw will be conducted after the Campaign. Winners will be notified via message on DARTSLIVE APP.
  • ・Winners must reply within the specified period after receiving the notification, or else their right as a winner will be waived.
<Entering the Draw>
  • ・The delivery of the prizes will be limited to the regions where winners participated in the campaign.
  • ・Prizes of the draw are not exchangeable.
  • ・Participants are responsible for all participation costs such as Internet connection fees.
  • ・Some participants may be unable to participate in the Campaign or draw due to factors such as connection status of the server, the smart phone model used, or the connection environment. If you are unable to participate in the draw, please go to the prizes page and try again.
  • ・For inquiries regarding smartphone settings, please contact the corresponding telecommunications operator or mobile phone manufacturer.
  • ・Minors require the consent of their guardian to participate in the draw.
<After Entry>
  • ・We are unable to answer questions regarding participation in the draw or the results of the draw.
  • ・If a winner is unable to receive his/her prize because of an address change, an unknown address, or an absence, the company reserves the right to cancel the winner’s rights.
  • ・The winner’s rights are non-transferrable.
  • ・The company has the right to cancel the draw entry under the following circumstances:
    1. 1.Those found to have engaged in fraudulent participation in the draw.
    2. 2.Those found to have improperly participated in the draw.
    3. 3.Other reasons in which participants are judged by the company to not qualify to enter the draw.
<Handling of Personal Information>
  • ・The address, name, and phone number entered for the draw will only be used for the purpose of the delivery of the prizes and for no other purpose.


  • ・The company is not be responsible for the loss, liability, damage, expenses, or other related complaints related to the participation in the draw or the winning of prizes.
  • ・In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the company reserves the right to change the prize, and/or draw period.
  • ・The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this campaign at any time without obtaining the consent of the participants in advance. The revised terms and conditions will take effect immediately after the company’s announcement.
<Suspension or Cancellation of this Campaign>
In any of the following events, the company reserves the right to suspend or cancel the campaign at any time without prior notice.
  1. 1. When regular or emergency system maintenance for this campaign is conducted.
  2. 2. When the campaign cannot be implemented due to system failure or other reasons.
  3. 3. When the campaign cannot be held due to fire, power failure, or other reasons.
  4. 4. When the campaign cannot be held due to natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis.
  5. 5. When the campaign is determined to be suspended or canceled due to operational or technical reasons.
The company is not responsible for any damage suffered by participants or third parties caused by any delay, suspension, or cancellation of this campaign due to reasons other than those mentioned above.

【Product Information】Launched Tue 31 Mar 2020

PERSONA5 has topped 3.2 million in sales worldwide and has won numerous game awards. This Picaresque Juvenile RPG will appear with many new elements. New characters and “Unknown 3rd Semester” are added. The “Deep Layer” mystery not been mentioned in PERSONA5 is unveiled!
Addition of new locations and events to make campus life more colorful in the game. Afterschool phantom thieves face new enemies, gimmicks, and mysterious treasures. Has the palace to be attacked also undergone changes? Check out new achievements of Phantom Thieves of Hearts!

<Product Information>

Release Date:
Tue 31 Mar 2020
Game Price:
Phantom Thieves Edition
8,800円(税別)$ 89.99 (USD)€ 89.99 (EUR)
Steelbook Launch Edition
13,800円(税別)$ 59.99 (USD)€ 59.99 (EUR)
Standard Edition
9,680円$ 59.99 (USD)€ 59.99 (EUR)
Ultimate Edition
12,980円$ 99.99 (USD)€ 99.99 (EUR)
Deluxe Edition
12,980円$ 69.99 (USD)€ 69.99 (EUR)
Standard Edition with Preorder Bonus (Digital) 12,980円$ 59.99 (USD)€ 59.99 (EUR)
Standard Edition
12,980円$ 59.99 (USD)€ 59.99 (EUR)
Game Genre:
Role-Playing Game
Number of Player:

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