Hyena 01 to have 701 and 901

Hyena 01 to have 701 and 901

Hyena 01 is one of the EXTRA GAMES that exclusively uses DARTSLIVE Coins(for DARTSLIVE2 only).
701 and 901 games will be available in Hyena 01 on 3 July.

About Hyena 01
Hyena 01 is a game where all participants try to reduce the total points down to 0.
The player who brings the number down exactly to 0 is the winner.
The winner of this game is the player who takes advantage of the other players’ achievements like a hyena, a sneaky scavenger.
African drum sounds create a savanna ambiance that elevates Hyena players’ hunting instinct.
Hyena 01 is a perfect game to play with close friends.

Hone your competitiveness and take advantage of your opponents!

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