Premium+ Plan Released Today. Enjoy DARTSLIVE Even More!

You can now enjoy DARTSLIVE even more with many new features in the Premium+ Plan released today!

・Premium+ Functions
・Advantages of Subscription Plans! Learn about the Renewal Rewards
・Functions & Rates for Each Plan
・About the Change of Plan Names
・How to Register for Premium+
・SONIC THEME Present Campaign

Premium+ Functions
The following is an introduction of the lineup of functions available on the Premium+ Plan.

Calculation of 100% RATING and 100% STATS
Quantify your darts results down to the last dart to know your ability!

100% RATING and STATS are confirmed after the last dart at the end of a game. Unlike the 80% RATING, which is decided during the game, you can accurately check your ability.
View your 100% RATING calculated from 100% STATS, as well as game-by-game, month-by-month, and day-by-day data for 100% STATS.

Customize the digital contents for DARTSLIVE Home!

Use the Customize function on the DARTSLIVE Home app to set a DARTSLIVE THEME and AWARD MOVIE.
DARTSLIVE THEMES and AWARD MOVIES available can be selected from the Card Page in the same DARTSLIVE Account.
*Some digital contents cannot be used on the DARTSLIVE Home.

The Premium+ Plan offers variety of other features not mentioned here!
An introduction to the functions can be found in the DARTSLIVE GUIDE. Check it out!

Advantages of Subscription Plans!
Learn about the Renewal Rewards

Premium+ and Premium Plans offer access to DIGITAL CONTENT for each successive subscription renewal.
>> More Details
Functions for Each Plan
DARTSLIVE has many contents to enjoy darts, such as play data and group functions. Available contents vary depending on plan. Please enjoy DARTSLIVE with the plan of your choice.
>> Monthly Fee for each Plan.
Premium+ Plan Fee
❑ Premium+ Plan: 5,99€

Premium+ is available for a trial period of 30 days (**) at the Premium Plan fee(*) of 2,99€.
* Available if you purchase a subscription from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
** After the 30 day trial period, you will charged the fee for the Premium+ Plan.
>> Click here for a price list for each plan

About the Change of Plan Names
❑ Standard Member → Free Plan
❑ Trial Member → Trial Plan
❑ Premium Member → Premium Plan
❑ Newly added plan → Premium+ Plan
How to Register for Premium+
You can register for a Premium+ subscription from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.
Please use the DARTSLIVE app to upgrade your subscription.
>> Click here for details

To celebrate the release of Premium+, those who upgrade to the Premium+ Plan will receive a newly-drawn SONIC THE HEDGEHOG THEME as a gift.

Campaign Period: Tue 2 August to Fri 30 September, 2022.

Eligibility: DARTSLIVE Users who have upgraded their account to a Premium+ Plan during the relevant period.

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