Available with DARTSLIVE Coins! "24 hours only" games launched for DARTSLIVE2

Available with DARTSLIVE Coins!

■Play our new “EXTRA GAMES” using your DARTSLIVE Coins!

From Monday, December 3, “EXTRA GAMES” will be available with DARTSLIVE Coins!
Play these new games (2 types) on DARTSLIVE2 using your DARTSLIVE Coins!

□How to play EXTRA GAMES
(1) Card page > Purchase Play Pass (50Coins) at Coin store
(2) Insert your DARTSLIVE Card with Play Pass into DARTSLIVE2
(3) Select “EXTRA” in Full Menu on DARTSLIVE2
(4) Select from “Hyena 01 (301・501)” and “BULL MASTER EXPANDED”
(5) Insert Play fee and start the game!
*Play fees are required to play these games.

Play Pass Purchase Screen (in the app)
Full Menu Screen on DARTSLIVE2

(1) Hyena 01

Who will make the score exactly 0!? Reduce the points faster than anyone else in these 01 games!
Hyena 01
・All participants try to reduce their given points together. The player who made the number exactly 0 is the winner♪
・If the number becomes 20 or less, the next round will be the “Final Round”.
・Be careful, if you finish your round with a good arrangement, it will give an advantage to the next player!

Focus, mind your technique, and aim at the red area to keep the reels spinning!
・Hit only Bull and Inner Singles. Inner Single areas are available only one time!
・The game ends when the player hit the white area!
・The player can try again within a certain time period after the end of the game. (Both the score and inner singles you hit will be cleared,  you will start the game from the beginning.)

【Notes on EXTRA GAMES】
Only Play Pass can be purchased with DARTSLIVE Coin.
Play Pass is valid for 24 hours after its purchase. After this 24-hour period, even if you insert your DARTSLIVE card in a machine, you will not be able to play EXTRA GAMES.
Within 24 hours after Play Pass purchase, you can play the games as many times as you want. (Play fees are required separately.)
When multiple players start EXTRA GAMES, the games  will be available if one of their cards inserted has Play Pass.
The lineup of EXTRA GAMES is subject to change.

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