【TouchLive】Achieve SA or A flight and receive THEME!


SA and A Flight Challenge Campaign on TouchLive will be on for 3 weeks from Monday next week!
It is a great opportunity to get the DARTSLIVE THEMES of past TouchLive campaigns♪

During the campaign period‚ the limited DARTSLIVE THEME will be awarded to all players who achieved SA or A flight in the games listed!
SA achievers will get Movie THEME while A achievers will get Picture THEME!

【Week 1】
■Game: Fruits Commander
■Period: Nov. 2 (Mon) to 8 (Sun)

【Week 2】
■Game: Twinkle Jewel
■Period: Nov. 9 (Mon) to 15 (Sun)

【Week 3】
■Game: DICE IT
■Period: Nov. 16 (Mon) to 23 (Mon)

To all including TouchLive beginners and ones who missed the previous campaign‚ let’s take this challenge!

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