“DARTSLIVE Coin” starts from July 28 (Mon) !


“DARTSLIVE Coin” expands your THEME world!!
Virtual coins for DARTSLIVE members‚ “DARTSLIVE Coin” will be available on July 28 (Mon).

■You can purchase THEME that you admire or your Friend loves!!
THEME can be purchased from your smartphone and PC using DARTSLIVE Coin.
You can purchase favorite THEMES that your Friends are using!
*After a MATCH‚ your opponent will be your Friend in DARTSLIVE app.
*Some THEMES such as campaign THEMES are not available for purchase.

■The more you play‚ the more you accumulate “DARTSLIVE Coin”
Opportunity is once in a day!!

«Earn more Coins with login»
Receive login bonus in app!
Get bonus coin by simply login to the member page from your PC or smartphone DARTSLIVE app!
*Randomly 1 to 6 Coin(s) will be awarded per login a day.
Regular member : Maximum 2 Coins
PREMIUM member : Maximum 6 Coins

«Earn by playing»
Get bonus coin by simply play with DARTSLIVE!
*Randomly 2 to 14 Coins will be awarded per play a day.
Regular member : Maximum 3 Coins
PREMIUM member : Maximum 14 Coins

New genre THEMES will be available from July 28! More information coming soon! Don’t miss it!

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