The new game "SONIC REFLEX" is now available as an EXTRA GAME in DARTSLIVE2!

“SONIC REFLEX” is now available as an EXTRA GAME in DARTSLIVE2.
If you subscribe for the Premium+ Plan, you can play as many EXTRA GAMES as you like without purchasing a Play Pass!

Good reflexes are the key to winning in this new game! Quickly and accurately aim to hit the numbers on the board where the light stops.

・An illuminated area will spin around on the DARTSLIVE2 board. A different number will be illuminated for every throw.
・Score by throwing at the illuminated target within the two second time limit!
・Singles in the YELLOW AREA: 1 point. Doubles: 2 points. Triples: 3 points.
・Scores in the Center RED AREA will receive double points.

The player with the highest score wins.

1. Go to the [Card Page] and purchase a game Play Pass for 50 Coins from the Coin Store. Or, join the Premium+ Plan.
2. Insert a DARTSLIVE Card that has a Play Pass into a DARTSLIVE2.
3. Select [EXTRA] on the DARTSLIVE2 [FULL MENU].
4. Select [SONIC REFLEX].
5. Insert a play fee, and start the game.

<Notes for EXTRA GAMES>
・A Play Pass can only be purchased with DARTSLIVE Coins.
・If 24 hours pass after you purchase a Play Pass at the Coin Store, you will not be able to play any EXTRA GAMES, even if you insert your DARTSLIVE Card into a machine.
・You can play as many games as you want within 24 hours after purchasing a Play Pass. (Game credit is required each time you play).
・When playing a game with multiple players, an EXTRA GAME can be played as long as one player has a Play Pass.
・The lineup of EXTRA GAMES (set games) are subject to change in the future.

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