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Admission Fee: Free
Information for Tournament Participants

Admission starts at 8:00 am.

General Admission
  • ・General admission procedures for spectators will begin at 8:30 am.
  • ・The admission time may change depending on the check-in status of tournament participants.
  • ・Limits to general admission may also apply depending on crowd congestion inside the venue.
  • ・Please understand beforehand that the times listed are subject to change without notice.


Event Name
Saturday 19 August to Sunday 20 August 2023
Tokyo Big Sight West Exhibition Hall 2
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Entry Period
Thursday 22 June 6:00 pm to 4 August Noon (Japan Time)
*Entry closes when all spots are filled without no prior notice.
Entry Fee
U-22 TOURNAMENT JPY 2,000 per player

Tournament Day

8:00 am to 9:30 am
Game on
10:00 am (Tentative)

Saturday 19 August

Sat Doubles Festival
Tournament Format Round Robin followed by SKO
Game Format
Level.MAX 701(MO)-S.CRICKET-701(MO)
Level 5 701-S.CRICKET-701
Level 4 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 3 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 2 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 1 301-S.CRICKET-301
  • *Best of 3 LEGS (Team that wins 2 LEGS first is the winner)
  • *Handicap will not be applied for all FLIGHTs.
  • ※You cannot enter in both this event, and THE WORLD JAPAN STAGE.

Sunday 20 August

Sun Doubles Festival
Tournament Format Round Robin followed by SKO
Game Format
Level MAX 701(MO)-S.CRICKET-701(MO)
Level 9 701-S.CRICKET-701
Level 8 701-S.CRICKET-701
Level 7 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 6 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 5 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 4 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 3 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 2 501-S.CRICKET-501
Level 1 301-S.CRICKET-301
  • *Best of 3 LEGS (Team that wins 2 LEGS first is the winner)
  • *Handicap will not be applied for all FLIGHTs.
  • *You cannot enter in both this event and the U-22 TOURNAMENT.
Tournament Format Round Robin followed by SKO
Game Format
1st LEG 501
3rd LEG 501
  • *Best of 3 LEGS (Team that wins 2 LEGS first is the winner)
Entry Qualifications Your date of birth must be on or after 21 August, 2000.
  • *All players participating in the tournament are banned from smoke cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) and drink alcohol (even those over 20).
  • *Any participant over 20 years of age, who has not completed a match and is deemed by the organizer to be under the influence of alcohol or smoking will forfeit their right to compete and be disqualified from the tournament.
  • *Player under 16 MUST be accompanied by the parent at all times. Even the match is on going, player under 16 will be asked to leave the venue after 22:00.
  • *All players participating in the tournament must use their real name as their "Card Name" on their DARTSLIVE Card. Please set your "Card Name" to your real name on the day of the tournament.
  • *You cannot enter in both this event and the SUNDAY DOUBLES FESTIVAL.


Important Notice for Entry

Participants will be disqualified in the following cases. No protests against these decisions will be allowed.

Team that disqualify due to the sandbagging rule for exceeding the pre-registered team rating by more than average of 3.
Actions that obstructs throws of the other team players such as shouting when cheering.
Intentionally delaying the game or engaging in any other acts that are disturbing to the operations of the event.
Committing any acts against public order and morals and/or acts that lack the sense of sportsmanship.

Entry for Multiple Tournaments


Items Required to Participate in the Tournament

Please be sure to bring your DARTSLIVE SPORTS app and DARTSLIVE card with you on the day of the tournament.
If you do not have these items, your entry may be cancelled.


The DARTSLIVE SPORTS app is required to view announcements on the day of the event, checking progress of matches, and registering match results.
Each team must have at least one smartphone with the DARTSLIVE SPORTS app installed and ready for use.


The DARTSLIVE Cards used to register and enter the tournament for all team members are required.
Please insert a DARTSLIVE Card into the machine when playing all matches.

  • *You will not be able to participate in a match with a QR login. Please be sure to bring your DARTSLIVE Card.
Cancellations of entry will incur the following charges.

Cancellation Policy
By 4 August: 50% of entry fee
5 August or later: 100% of entry fee

Please contact the event organizer for cancellation.


FLIGHT represents the level of one's darts skills.
The FLIGHT will be determined based on the rating of your registered DARTSLIVE Card.
Your entry will be confirmed when the entry information is displayed on the DARTSLIVE SPORTS app.
After your entry is confirmed, the allocated FLIGHT information will be posted on the DARTSLIVE SPORTS app.


Please check-in at the entrance in the venue using the registered DARTSLIVE Card on the day of the tournament.
Please be sure to bring your registered DARTSLIVE Card.
If you forget to bring your DARTSLIVE Card, please go to the information in the venue.
Our staff will assist you in taking the necessary steps including your card data transfer.

Round Robin

The qualifying rounds will be conducted in a Round Robin format.
A random draw will decide qualifying round blocks.
Machine numbers and the order of matches will be available on the DARTSLIVE SPORTS app after the check-in deadline on the day of the event.
The two teams that finish 1st and 2nd in each block will progress to the FINALS TOURNAMENT.
The number of qualifying teams will reamain the same, even if a team abandons or is disqualified from a block. The ranking of each block will be determined in the following order.
1. Number of Wins (Matches won).
2. Difference between winning and losing legs.
3. The result of matches versus relevant teams.

  • *In the event that three or more teams are tied in all of 1. to 3. above, a COUNT-UP game will be conducted among the teams concerned, and the winner of the COUNT-UP will advance to the FINAL TOURNAMENT.

Tournament Rules

▼ Practice Throws before a Match

Practice throws before a match are limited to 6 throws.

▼ Team Throwing Order

The throwing order cannot be changed after the start of a DOUBLES match.
This applies not only during a game but also between LEGS.

▼ How the Throwing Order is Decided
  • ・1st LEG: COIN TOSS
    The COIN TOSS function on the DARTSLIVE machine will be used to decide the throwing order.
  • ・2nd LEG: Losing team throws first.
    The team that lost in the 1st LEG will throw first in the 2nd LEG.
  • ・3rd LEG: COIN TOSS
    Just like the 1st LEG, the COIN TOSS function on the DARTSLIVE machine will be used to decide the throwing order.
▼ Round Limits for each Game

301: 10 ROUNDS
501: 15 ROUNDS
701: 15 ROUNDS

▼ How Winners are Determined at ROUND OVER
  • ・01 GAMES
    Regardless of the number of points remaining, the winner will be decided by CORK.
    The team with the highest number of points wins. In case of a tie, the winner will be decided by CORK.
  • *In both 01 GAMES and S.CRICKET, the team which threw first in a LEG will throw first for the CORK.
▼ Machine Malfunction
  • ・Correction of an incorrect score must be made before changing players, and following agreement of both players while the thrown dart is still stuck in the board.
  • ・In principle, you are not allowed to correct the score after a dart has been removed from a dartboard. However, if a player requests a score correction before changing players and his/her opponent agrees, the score may be corrected.
  • ・If a machine malfunction occurs, the darts stuck in the board will be removed and players will change. Score corrections cannot be made after an opponent has thrown.
  • ・If a dart hits the dartboard and the dart machine shows a score different from the area hit, the score can be corrected using the "REVERSE-A-ROUND" function.
    *When using a DARTSLIVE3, select the score of the malfunction in "Darts Position Correction" on the lower screen and correct the score.
  • ・If a dart does not hit the board and falls to the ground, the machine's reaction will take precedence. If no score is shown, the dart will not be considered as scored and cannot be thrown again.
▼ Machine Malfunction and Power Outage

If a game is interrupted due to a power outage or other accident and must be restarted, the game will be restored by the tournament staff with the agreement of players.
If the tournament staff determine that the game is unrevcoverable, the LEG in question will be reset and the game will be played again.

▼ Other Information
  • ・DARTSLIVE2 and DARTSLIVE3 darts machines will be used for this event.
  • ・Only SOFT-TIP darts can be used.
  • ・If the thrower is outside the throw line on either side, the thrower must then start behind the extension of the throw line.
  • ・Throwing with a foot in front of the front edge of the throw line is not allowed.
  • ・If a player has to use medical or other equipment due to health needs, those devices must not cross the throw line.


Participants will be disqualified in the following cases. No protests against these decisions will be allowed.

▼ Disqualification by Sandbagging

Sandbagging refers to when a participant is disqualified for false application of a RATING that was declared at the time of entry to the event.
If the team rating exceeds the team total for the entry rating by 3 during the tournament, the team will be disqualified.
If a team if disqualified, the next team in the qualifying block will be moved up.
Eliminated teams will not be moved up in the FINAL TOURNAMENT.

▼ Other Grounds for Disqualification
  • ・Failure to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the organizer.
  • ・Failure to follow the instructions of the organizer.
  • ・Failure to comply with the rules and regulations of the facilities used.
  • ・Failure to check-in within the designated time.
  • ・Obviously obstructing throws during the game, such as excessive cheering.
  • ・Any behavior that delays play or interferes with the progress of the game.
  • ・Underage drinking or smoking.
  • ・Any conduct that is offensive to public order and morals or sportsmanship.
  • ・Any other cases judged by tournament management to warrant disqualification.



For DARTSLIVE tournament entry and participation,
the latest version of DARTSLIVE SPORTS App is ruquired.

How to Check Your Entry


1. TOP SCREEN of app

Check to see that "NIPPON DARTS FESTIVAL 2023" is shown in "Tournament".

CHECK2 Tournament 詳細

2.Tournament Details

Select "NIPPON DARTS FESTIVAL 2023" and confirm that the tournament name, your name, and RATING are correct.

  • *For THE WORLD JAPAN STAGE, tournament RATING will be displayed just before the tournament.
  • *If the information is incorrect, please contact us by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on the Website.


General Admission Process

Admission will be carried out according to the following process. Thank you for your

  • 1.Reception
    <For Tournament Program Participants>
    Please check in for your tournament at the check-in counter.
    <General Admission>
    Admission procedures will begin at 8:30 am.
  • 2.Distribuition of Wrist Bands
    Wristbands will be distributed to participants. Please wear them on your wrist.
  • 3.Security Check
    If you have baggage, please open it and show the contents to the staff. Hazardous materials, and food and beverages will be checked.

Your Possessions

Please keep cash, valuables and precious items with you at all times. The event organizer is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
There will be no space to place your luggage in the venue. Please drop off your luggage at the cloakroom.
Our venue offers a cloakroom facility where you can leave your possessions for safe keeping. (JPY1,500 per provided plastic bag. You can check your possesions in and out as often as you please.)

Food and Beverages

  • ・No food or drinks are allowed to be brought into the venue.
  • ・Food and drinks will be available to purchase at the venue.
  • ・Drinks will be sold by tickets. Please purchase tickets in advance and use them at the drink booth.
    • *You cannot use cash to purchase drinks.
    • *Drink tickets are not valid for use at food booths.
    • *Drink tickets are not refundable.
  • ・Food will be sold by upfront payment at each food booth.
  • ・Alcohol will not be sold to those under 20 years of age or to drivers.
  • ・Please note that any driver found to be under the influence of alcohol, or under the age of 20, will be disqualified from the competition.
    In such cases, the guardian and the player who drink alcohol or smoke tabacco will also be disqualified and ejected from the event.

Pictures and Video Images

Players participating in this event grant absolute rights to the organizer to make use of pictures and video images filmed during the event for advertising and commercial purposes without limitations of time, place and/or method.
Taking pictures is permitted during the tournament. However, when the use of flash, pictures, or videos obstructs the game and are taken for commercial purposes, they will be confiscated and publishing will be prohibited by the event organizer.


The event organizer reserves the right to refuse or remove any players from participating in the tournament who are found to be an impediment to the event or event progress.or event progress from participating in the tournament.
By competing in this tournament players agree to these terms and conditions.


  • ・Please keep your cell phones on silent and take care not to disturb the games.
  • ・Only players competing in the match can enter the match area (from the table to the side of the machine).
  • ・Other than the DOUBLES partner, please refrain from giving any advice during a match.
  • ・Please support players with moderation. Please do not abuse, slander, heckle or boo any players.
  • ・Smoking is not permitted in the venue. Please smoke in the designated smoking area.
  • ・Any actions that interfere with the games or the tournament are strictly prohibited. We ask for your understanding and cooperation for the smooth progress of the tournanment.

Lost and Found

If you have lost a personal item while visiting the venue, please contact from the inquiry button in the website.