Penang Darts Festival 2024 Registration OPEN

Brought to you by the dynamic collaboration of Soundwave E-sports and DARTSLIVE MALAYSIA, Penang Darts Festival 2024 is set to be an unforgettable experience combined with the precision of darts and the thrill of a carnival – promising an event that will resonate with both seasoned players and enthusiastic newcomers. 

Mark your calendars and clear your schedules on 27 – 28 April 2024. This two-day extravaganza is designed to captivate audiences with a blend of skill, vibrant festivities, and an atmosphere that resonates with the spirit of competition and fun like never before!

Registration now open for ALL Players, click here  

27 – 28 April 2024
Royale Chulan, Penang Island
No 1 & 2, Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia 




• Trophies will be awarded to Champion, Runner-Up and Best 4 positions.
• Medals will be awarded to Best 8 positions.
Prize money is subjected to adjustment based on the final number of entries.
Organizer reserves the right to cancel any event should there be insufficient entries. 

Malaysia & Singapore
SUPER LEAGUE Season 7 & SUPER LEAGUE Season 22 Players.
Players must play min. 10 Legs before 31/03/24 in SUPER LEAGUE Season 7 (MY) & Season 22 (SG). 


Malaysia Players: 16th February – 10th March 2024 (15:00 – 23:59 MYT)
International: 19th February – 10th March 2024 (15:00 – 23:59 MYT)
All events are limited to entry cap or closing date, whichever is earlier.

Click here to Register Now for all Malaysian and International Players

Superior Room Rates/night: RM300 NETT | SGD 85 NETT
Deluxe Room Rates/night: RM350 NETT | SGD 100 NETT
All rooms are standard twin bed with Breakfast for 2  

RR groups will be ranked by the following order:
(a) Number of Match Won.
(b) Number of Legs Won & Legs Lost.
(c) Tie-Breaker
     • 2-Teams Tie, head-to-head
     • 3-Teams Tie, Game of Count-Up
(d) Progression to SKO
     • Group of 3 or 4:  Top 2
     • Group of 5 or 6:  Top 3 

(a) All tournaments will be notified through DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP.
(b) DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP must be used during tournaments, please install it in advance.
(c) In addition, please make sure your device can connect to the internet when participating in any tournament and ON the APP Notification

Round Limit
■ 501, 701: 15 Round limit
■ CRICKET: 15 Round limit  

(b) Throwing order of the game
■ Throwing order of the 1st LEG will be decided by corking.
■ The coin toss function of DARTSLIVE2 will be used for deciding who throws the cork first.
■ The player who throws closer to the center of the BULL will start the 1st LEG.
■ If the first player’s dart hits the exact center of the BULL, the second player is required to verify the location, remove the first player’s dart, then throw the cork.
■ From the second LEG, except if notified otherwise in the game format, the player who lost in the previous LEG will throw first.
■ For the Final LEG, players will throw the cork again. The winner of the cork may either choose the throw order or choose the type of the game.
If the final LEG is a 01 game, the winner of the cork can choose to throw first.
■ This event stipulates that the maximum time limit for darts being thrown is within 30 seconds. If a player repeatedly makes the throw beyond the time limit; and refuses to correct one’s mistake after repeating warnings, DARTSLIVE reserves the right to judge the player for violation, with disciplinary action including skipping his/her round or directly announcing the opponent wins the LEG/MATCH. 

Bust Rule apply to both Round Robin & SKO:-
     • If 1 Team bust, the results will be reversed with win awarded to the opposing team.
If both Teams bust, the result will stand, and the winner of the match will progress to the next stage.
(b) Organiser reserves the rights to review & re-rate all players & move players into higher flights if required. 

(a) When a game is up and one team is missing, the team presence should raise a request to the Official in charge of the area, to page for the missing team.
(b) The team presence should look out for the Paging of the missing player, and if not heard, to approach the Control Station immediately.
(c) Walk-Over Calls can only be made by the Control Station to page for the missing team:

1st Call 2 min to turn up
2nd Call 2 min to turn up
Last Call 1 min to turn up

If the missing team is still missing after the last call, an official walk-over will be announced and imposed with concede win of 2-0 (3 Leg Medley) and 3-0 (5 Legs Medley) to the opposing team.   

(a) If the score on the machine is incorrect, and the darts is on the board, an Official should be called to witness the “Reverse-A-Round” to reverse to the correct score.
(b) If both teams agree to perform “Reverse-A-Round” without an Official, the game can proceed, and any appeals will not be accepted.
(c) If no darts is stuck on the board, regardless of being pulled out or bounced off, the score stays, and the game continues.
(d) In the event where game is disrupted by Power Failure, any incomplete leg will be reset, and will start over as a new leg.
(e) In the event where a player throws on a wrong turn, Reverse-A-Round is allowed to correct the turn.
(f) In the event where a player throws on a wrong turn, and Reverse-A-Round is not possible, the game is over, the results stay, regardless of whichever team, win, lose or bust. 

(a) Positive media coverage, sponsorship and growth of the game are based upon 2 major factors: –
     • Professionalism of DARTSLIVE TOURNAMENT; &
     • Good Conduct & Appearance of the Players.
(b) Please adhere to the following dress code: –
        Long Pants/Jeans only with covered shoes. No slippers, singlets, or shorts (above knee).
     ■ Ladies:
        No hot pants/ mini skirt, no revealing tops, no sleeveless, and with covered shoes only.
Wearing a headwear such as hat or cap during the event is NOT permitted. However, if a player needs to wear a headwear for religious is allowed.

Player who does not abide to the above dress code will not be allowed to play in the tournament.
Tournament Organiser reserves the rights to tape off over any logos of competitors and/or non-sponsors, especially for Players on Stage. 

8. For any rules or incidents not mentioned above, the event Organiser has the sole discretion to refer to the DARTSLIVE Official League Rule and/or to make the final decision. 

DARTSLIVE MALAYSIA reserves the right to re-rate, negate or modify any rule contained herein when it is necessary to protect the parity system of this event. 

* Outside food & drinks are strictly not allowed
* Smoking or E-Cigarette is prohibited in the event venue

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