The second stage of the SOUTH EAST ASIA TOUR 2019 took place last weekend in JOHOR BAHRU, alongside the events of the JOHOR DARTS FESTIVAL 2019! Its second year since being realized in 2018, this year’s SEA TOUR has also seen a strong showing in the LADIES DIVISION so far and we hope that it will only get stronger from here on out!

With the captivating matches of STAGE 2 concluded, the winners of SEA TOUR 2019 Stage 2 have been decided – Jhasfher Jhaf K. Doria (OPEN DIVISION) from Philippines and Lovely Mae Orbeta (LADIES DIVISION), also from the Philippines!

STAGE 2 OPEN DIVISION CHAMPION – Jhasfher Jhaf K. Doria (Philippines)

SEA TOUR 2019 ST2 Winner_OPEN.jpg

An up and coming talent from the Philippines, Jhasfher Jhaf K. Doria is certainly proving a force to contend with, after blazing through his opponents in STAGE 2 and clinching the win against Vince Tieh in the final match! It was an awe-inspiring game, particularly in the last leg where the favour of the match changed several times as both players played in top form.

Congratulations once again to Jhasfher for earning the Championship title for SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 2, OPEN DIVISION!

Vince Tieh SC (Malaysia)

【BEST 4】
Leslie Lee (Singapore)
Tengku Shah (Malaysia)

【BEST 8】
Chua Tze Siong (Singapore)
Eric Lim WY (Malaysia)
Froilan Soco (Philippines)
Tan Jenn Ming (Malaysia)


SEA TOUR 2019 ST2 Winner_LADIES.jpg

Lovely clinched her second win of SEA TOUR 2019 during last weekend’s JOHOR DARTS FESTIVAL, playing brilliantly through the second stage and a riveting match against Brenda Foo during the FINALS. Both ladies fought their hardest and it was certainly was a sight to behold as each took advantage of the slightest opportunities; the winner was never certain till the end!

Congratulations once again to Lovely Mae Orbeta for earning the Championship title for SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 2, LADIES DIVISION!

Brenda Foo (Singapore)

【BEST 4】
Angelyn V. Detablan (Philippines)
Julius Fam (Singapore)

【BEST 8】
Belinda Phang JL (Malaysia)
Peggie Ho (Singapore)
Jem Lim (Malaysia)
Rena Ng YL (Singapore)

Congratulations once again to all SEA TOUR 2019 STAGE 2 Winners – we hope to see you all again soon at STAGE 3: SABAH!

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