Nine days left! The more COUNT-UP rounds are played, the higher the chances of winning Scott Kirchner's autographed Dart set!

In continuation of the fever brought in by SUPER DARTS 2013 and to encourage more players in practicing playing darts, DARTSLIVE ASIA will be giving out SUPER DARTS 2013 Champion Scott Kirchner’s autographed Dart set. The more you play COUNT-UP, the higher the chances in winning the prize.

The list of the top ten players of week three is listed below:

Placing Player Score Home Shop
1st Place B.Sniper-Davis 234 i Darts Quad
2nd Place B.Knight-@nson 197 i Darts Hex
3rd Place Maine C 182 i Darts Quad
4th Place B.Knight@WILL 177 i Darts Hex
5th Place W.KnighT≪EPUL≫ 172 i Darts TRINITY
6th Place SiMoN.W 171 i Darts Hex
7th Place 超人超人超人 105 i Darts Hex
8th Place 2AM Winter Boy 86 i Darts Quad
9th Place Jimmy△TRiNiTY 85 i Darts TRINITY
10th Place Shintaro 59 i Darts GOLD

On the last nine days, everyone please continue to practice hard on COUNT-UP to gain accuracy and control. The more you practice COUNT-UP, the higher the chances of winning Scott Kirchner’s autographed Dart set and SUPER DARTS 2013 DARTSLIVE CARD!

For more information, please visit “Play COUNT-UP and stand a chance to win SUPER DARTS 2013 Champion’s autographed Dart set”.

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