Details of the inaugural DARTSLIVE CUP SINGAPORE 2019 are now available on the official website: https://www.dlcup.live/pages/finals-outline

The final listing of all categories is also available after a 2-week period of the scores verification period. Please disregard the online ranking and refer to the final listing on the FINALS OUTLINE.

There is a side event – Mix HiLo available on both days too!  Register your interest when you confirm your attendance for the event. Mix HiLo will be happening during the later part of the tournament.
This event is exclusive to only the semi-finalists and finalists of DARTSLIVE CUP SINGAPORE 2019.

Remember to confirm your attendance before 6 Jan 6 PM and register your interest for the Mix HiLo on the same form.

Players not belonging to the participating countries can also register your interest to qualify through International Others.
For players who fell short of the ranking can also register for the 1 last chance via Desperado. 1 good try might bring you to the semi-finals too!

All the best and we hope to see you in the Finals!


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