Have you ever wondered or discussed “Which State has better dart players?”
When we discuss the general standard of players, we mostly measure it by their Rating;  however another way of assessing a player’s standard is by their Bullseye percentage! So we went ahead and created a  ranking among the various states here in Malaysia!

*Above bull rate is calculated based on all 01 games played in 2019.

When you see the numbers, it’s hard to gauge how high these figures actually are, so we asked our DARTSLIVE SUPPORT PLAYER, Edison Phung for his bull percentage… It’s 70%!

When you compare to the national average, you can see how he is in different class!

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How to check your Bull %

You can check your bull percentage from DARTSLIVE App.
*This function is only limited to PREMIUM MEMBERS.


2. Click Add icon at the bottom part of the DASHBOARD

3. Press 01 GAMES
4. Slide on BULL

5. Now you can see your Bull Percentage on your DASHBOARD!

Which ranking was your home town ranked in? If your bull percentage is below your estate average, why not target to reach your estate average? Good luck and Good Darts!

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