SUPER 2 Season 6 GAME ON

Captains, Shops, and Players! SUPER 2 Season 6 is about to commence, here are some important dates to take note, so do mark them in your calendars!

We strongly encourage all captains and players to download a copy of the Official League Rulebook for reference in case of any uncertainties or disputes.

[CAPTAINS & TEAM PLAYERS to note for this season]
-Participants must be fully-vaccinated
-Adhere to the latest Covid-19 Guidelines
-Observe all Shop’s standard operating procedure in force
-All League Shops must sanitize DARTSLIVE2 machines and uphold hygiene cleanliness in common areas for league matches

Due to Social Distancing Measures, we urge all Teams to limit to 2 players/team per league night with no mingling between tables.

For Team Players with “Home Quarantine” Orders issued by the Government
Rescheduling the match to a later date may be granted

A big THANK YOU to all participating shops and players for the support.
All the Best to everyone and GAME ON!


Resources for Download: 

MY LeagueOfficialRuleBook_2022

SUPER2 Season 6 Scoresheet


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