SUPER2 Season 6 Playoff Information

SUPER2 Season 6 Playoff Schedule is now revealed! 

Division Playoff Schedule
SUEPR2 Season 6 (Division Playoff) 
Division  Venue  Date  Game On 
AB  Please download from
*LEAGUE Playoffs Detail 
05 Aug 2022 (Friday)  8.30pm 
BC  22 July /2022 (Friday)  8.30pm 
Walkover Rule Applies 

*Teams to take note of their Venue for Division Playoff 

Division Final Schedule
SUEPR2 Season 6 (Division Final) 
Division  Venue  Date  Check In  Game On 
AB  High Ton Darts Cafe  06 Aug 2022 (Saturday)  12.30pm-1.15pm  1.30pm 
BC  The Legends House Dart  23 July /2022 (Saturday)  12.30pm-1.15pm  1.30pm 
Walkover Rule Applies 

Congratulations to all Group Champions and teams who made it to LEAGUE FINALS! All the best and see you at Finals! 

Procedures for Division Final Entry Check 

• All players must bring along a Self-Test kit (brand new);
• Please arrive at least 30mins prior to Check-In Time for the On-arrival self-test;
On-arrival self-tests for COVID-19 are compulsory for all players BEFORE entering the venue, regardless of vaccination status or symptoms.
You will not be allowed to enter the venue if:
   a. Test result is positive, or inconclusive,
   b. Do not have a Self-Test kit (brand new) 

LEAGUE Playoff Details

AB Division: SUPER2 Season 6 AB Playoff Information
BC Division: SUPER2 Season 6 BC Playoff Information

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