So there you are, sitting in the office and thinking about plans to spice up the week. Beat the 9 to 6 Rush Hours with an exciting OFFICE SYNDROME BATTLE CHALLENGE and grab a game after work!

Find a spot with new friends and darts buddies. Whether it’s a player, co-worker, or even the boss — there is always time for DARTS!

■ Campaign Period
1 November – 27 November 2022

■ Campaign Game

■ How to Play & Receive THEME
1) Insert your DARTSLIVE CARD into the card slot of DARTSLIVE machine and play any “MEDLEY” with someone.
For easy access, press P4 3 LEG MEDLEY in the SIMPLE MENU.

2) Match points below will be awarded based on the MEDLEY results:
– Win: 2 Points
– Loss: 1 Point
– Tie: 1 Point
By accumulating 9 match points respectively, you will receive the Limited Edition OFFICE PRINTER PICTURE THEME!

By accumulating 26 match points respectively, you will receive the Limited Edition OFFICE DESK MOVIE THEME!

■ How to Check your current points
Check your current accumulated score on the DARTSLIVE app.
Tap on “Card page” then “Home Shop.”
*Only available for Premium and Premium+ Member

Instantly check your result of your accumulated score on the DARTSLIVE2 Machine once the game is finished.

1) Players must register as DARTSLIVE Plan Members (Premium+ Plan Member, Premium Plan Member, Trial Plan Member, or Free Plan Member) and use the DARTSLIVE CARD for the game.
2) DARTSLIVE has the right to modify or change the campaign contents.
3) DARTSLIVE reserves the right of final decision.
4) DARTSLIVE has the right to revoke a player’s prize and game points of the campaign IF the fraud has been found.

1) Each card can only be used by one person.
2) Manually pressing the dartboard is forbidden.
3) Players have other behaviors that violate public morals or are deemed by the store to be fraudulent.

<About the effects of COVID-19 on the Campaign>

Please note that there may be days or times when you cannot participate in the campaign due to the regulatory measures taken by each local government regarding COVID-19. In addition, please participate in this campaign following the requirements of your local government to prevent the infection of COVID-19.

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