The stage is set, and arena is heating up! Here’s your lineup for DARTSLIVE OPEN Malaysia 2023 Player Listing! Gear up for an unforgettable weekend of camaraderie and competition, as we prepare to make this event the most fun and exciting one yet!

Tournament Date 
20 – 22 October 2023  

Tournament Venue 
Grand Ballroom, Level 3A, No. 85, Jalan Loke Yew, 55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

Singles and Doubles Player Listing
For any inquiries regarding to the Player Listing, please contact: 
Malaysia Players: my_inquiries@dartslive.com
International Players: sg_inquiry@dartslive.com  



Players must hold a valid DARTSLIVE CARD to participate in the competition and must insert DARTSLIVE CARD throughout the competition. 

Round Robin
Round Robin groups will be ranked by the following order:

1. Number of MATCH won
2. Number of LEGS won
3. Number of LEGS lost

4. Tie Breaker
2-Teams Tie, head-to-head
• 3-Teams Tie, Game of Count-Up

5. Progression to SKO
• Group of 3 or 4: Top 2
• Group of 5 : Top 3

• All tournaments will be notified through DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP.
DARTSLIVE SPORTS APP must be used during tournaments, please install it in advance.
In addition, please make sure your device is able to connect to the internet when participating in any tournament and ON the APP Notifications 

Bust Rule
(a) Bust Rule applies for Round Robin & SKO Matches
If 1 Team bust, the results will be reversed with win awarded to the opposing team.
If both Teams bust, the result will stand, and the winner of the match will progress to the next stage.
(b) Organizer reserves the rights to review & re-rate all players & move players into higher flights if required. 

Walk-Over Rule
1. When a game is up and one team is missing, the team presence should raise a request to the Official in charge of the area, to page for the missing team.
2. The team presence should look out for the Paging of the missing player, and if not heard, to approach the Control Station immediately.
3. Control Station will make 3 paging within 5 minutes for the missing team before a Walk-over.

1st Call – 3 min to turn up.
2nd Call – 2 min to turn up.
Last Call – 1 min to turn up.

If the missing team is still missing after the last call, an official walk-over will be announced and imposed with concede win of 1-0 to the opposing team. 

Amendment of Incorrect Scoring
1. If the score on the machine is incorrect, and the darts is on the board, an Official should be called to witness the “Reverse-A-Round” to reverse to the correct score.
2. If both teams agree to perform “Reverse-A-Round” without an Official, the game can proceed, and any appeals will not be accepted.
3. If no darts is stuck on the board, regardless of being pulled out or bounced off, the score stays, and the game continues.
4. In the event where game is disrupted by Power Failure, any incomplete leg will be reset, and will start over as a new leg.
5. In the event where a player throws on a wrong turn, Reverse-A-Round is allowed to correct the turn.
6. In the event where a player throws on a wrong turn, and Reverse-A-Round is not possible, the game is over, the results stay, regardless of whichever team, win, lose or bust. 

Dress code
• All players are required to compete in an appropriate attire.
All players must present a clean and neat appearance.
Shoes must be worn in the tournament venue at all times.
Names and logos of any dart machine and dart board manufacturers other than the official dart machine manufacturers shown on the outfits are not allowed during Final SKO Matches on Stage. 

Penalty for not obeying the Dress Code
Any player not in a proper attire will have the right to take one 15 minutes grace period to make the necessary change. Thereafter there will be NO grace period and the player will be disqualified from the MATCH. 

*STRICTLY NO outside food or drinks allowed in the venue.
*Smoking or E-Cigarette is prohibited in the event venue.
*For any events not mentioned above, the event organizer has the sole discretion to make any decisions on this tournament.
*For any rule not mentioned above, this tournament adopts the WSDA Rules. 

For more information: 
English – www.dartslive.com/my/openmalaysia/en/
Chinese – www.dartslive.com/my/openmalaysia/cn/ 

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